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Xbox 360 hardrive problem

hey guys, so i was going to transfer files from one of my hard drives to my other and i wasn't paying attention to what i was doing and when i plugged in my hard drive to my transfer cable i accidentally hit format transfer cable to hard drive and it completely wiped my drive and now it only can only read from a transfer cable. when i plug my hard drive into my Xbox it doesn't show up. so i was wondering if i can fix it some how? and or if there is a format out there that i can download to my PC and install it to my Xbox hard drive? any help would be great.
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  1. oops i think there is some firmware that comes preinstalled on the xbox hard drives. even if you do get the format right you probably will have to install that firmware. I could be wrong though.

    However becareful before you proceed. Microsoft has a strict policy of people not using 3rd party hardware (lets call it anti competition measures so they can suck people dry with their over priced hardware accessories).

    So bottom line even if your HD is an original part because the firmware was wiped out XBL might consider your hd a 3rd part part and block your account. So you need to get your hands on the appropriate firmware to solve this. Again i could be wrong.
  2. Kashifme speaks truth. You might just have to start over. Sometimes, that could be a good thing, unless you love having your GamerScore. I'll try to help as much as I can, but I believe you wiped it for good.
  3. i dont care about the crap i had on it i just want to no if i can get it back up and working again. well any who does any one no where i can get my hands on a format to reformat?
  4. does any one no where i can get a format i think thats all it needs
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    Agree with Kashifme21. You might need to reinstall the firmware, because it got wiped out, when you accidentally pressed "format". This may include hacking the hard drive, which as said may include your XBOX 360 profile to get banned. But I dont see any other way of doing it, unless you try to send it to Microsoft, which probably ends up costing you a lot of money.

    So I did some research on google and I found this page which might help you (Well Microsoft wont be happy for it)

    It will cost you to buy a Western Digital harddrive though, but it's cheaper than the XBOX 360 Harddrive
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