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Star Craft 2

Wanted to try the game out, but I am broke. Was wondering if anybody has any trial keys that I could maybe have so that I can decide if I want to buy the game or not? Thanks. If so, just PM it to me.
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  1. I have one at home (I'm at my GF's place) I'll pick it up tomorrow and send you a pm.
  2. Thank you so much!
  3. Just one question. How long is the key for? Doesn't really matter. Just wanted to know.
  4. You are enabled to play Starcraft 2 for 7 hours of game time or 14 days from activation.

    The PM is sent and if you need another one i have an extra.
  5. there is a new starter edition without a time limit, u get the first 5 missions plus some mp action:
    this has replaced the trial edition, Entaro Adun!
  6. You'll be happy to hear that the demo for SC2 has been replaced by a free-to-play version with no time limit. It only limits the content you have access to (limited maps, missions, etc.)

    See the article here:
  7. Well, there you go :) I havn't noticed that cause i havn't been playing the game for long.
  8. Well thanks for the Key anyways. I'll try it before I get the free to play one.
  9. Okay, now I have a different problem. I downloaded the starter edition, and apparently,it was the exact same thing that I had already downloaded for the trial version, so it only took like 1 minute to download, because I didn't actually need to download it. I created a new account to use with the starter edition, and went to play. Turns out, you can't play multiplayer with the starter edition, which is all I wanted to do in the first place, and also, whenever I try to start a game vs the AI, my computer crashes, just like if it were to bluescreen. I get the buzzing noise and everything. So, I figured, I would just ask, is it worth buying?
  10. Oh and also, before that, I entered the trial code, and it FORCED me to play starter edition. Which sucks. So... yeah. I think I'm just gonna buy it.
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    It is worth buying, one of the best game out there. Try read some reviews around on the internet.
  12. Yeah. I'm buying it tomorrow hopefully. Thanks for the help guys. It's appreciated.
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