Minor Issues with Windows 7

I have had many issues getting Windows 7 to run well on my system, most are minor issues. I have been able to fix most of the problems, but there is still two minor problems that won't go away.

1.) After awhile the little cursor will not spin/animate. The busy circle is just that, a circle with a frozen dot. I can't figure out what causes this.

2.) Windows will lose the icons for certain programs, looking around i have found a few right off, but i remember seeing at least 5 programs that I can't remember right off:

1.) Firefox
2.) Supreme Commander
3.) Calibre

Just wondering if anyone has any answers to fix these problems...
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  1. Try reseating the video card and ram modules.
  2. I have done the video card several times, for different reasons, but it was still done about a week ago and it didn't effect either problem. I did the RAM about 2 months ago, bull ill attempt it again... :) Thank You for the quick post!

    (EDIT) If it helps any i have reset the Aero Interface about 10 times total since the clean install of Windows.
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