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pop-up nightmare

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April 28, 2005 10:50:26 PM

lately i've had a major problem w/pop-ups. ok, here's what happens.
i turn on my computer. and then ie, which i have unistalled from my computer, (i'll get to it be patient) and all of a sudden pop-ups start apearing. most of them are for anti-spyware, registry checker etc. and no matter how many times i click the x or no or cancell etc. they always re-apear. once i actually had to restart my computer to stop it. i checked in windows explorer and sure enough it was never completely un-installed. so i decided to get rid of it manually but after a few seconds most of it re-appears, no matter how many times i do it. i was playing the demo of pariah (btw it looks great) and when i return to my desktop 5 pop-ups are there. the header says ie so i know it's the cause of it all.

i'm using adelphia high speed internet w/a motorola cable modem. my normal browser is firefox w/thunderbird as my e-mail, although i still have outlook express on my computer. i'm running xp home sp1 w/all the latest updates.

i'm very fed up w/all the pop-ups. does anyone know how to stop this madness? do i need a firewall program, anti-spyware program? if you think i do suggestions would be helpful.

update: i just spent the last 2 minutes triing to stop this thing from triing to download anti-spyware (i had to close 10 windows and hit cancel 5 times) and then an optimization software along w/a poker pop-up started. PLEASE HELP!!!
thanks in advance

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April 30, 2005 11:06:00 AM

thanks for the help. unfortunately ad-ware didn't help. my nephew suggested spy sweeper. initially even that didn't work but after updating the program and running the scan in safe mode, along w/a software that was suggested on google, hijackthis, the problem is now gone.

May 3, 2005 9:57:01 PM

Installing SP2 would have also solved the problem... IE has a pop-up blocker built-in with SP2.

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