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I know there isn't the right section of the forum for this question. But since there isn't a console forum, I thought I will post it here.

I recently bought a PS3 slim solely for the purpose of playing gran turismo 5, and I have a few questions about the game.

*Other than the flashy graphics, how is the gameplay?
*Is there visual and mechanical damage to your vehicle?
*Did they expand the performance upgrade and tuning system?
*Can add decals on vinyls onto your car?
*I heard the game is very buggy and has collision detection issues, is that true?
*There is NASCAR and go-kart racing, but is there a drag-racing mode?
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  1. Sounds like you want something closer to NFS: Shift. GT5 is more of a simulator and yes it does feel buggy to me. I played it for five minutes at my friend's place and was so glad I didn't buy a PS3 just to play this game.

    There you go, that's the console gaming forum.

    The gameplay is nice, something you'd expect from a Gran Turismo game.
    Yes, there is a visual and mechanical damage to the vehicles.
    They did the performance tuning better than GT4.
    I don't think you can vinyls though.
    Sometimes the collision is just bad.
    Yes, there is drag racing.
  3. Gman450 said:

    This thread was originally in the 'Video Games' section rather than the 'Console Gaming' section where it belongs, the one that doesn't exist remember?
  4. I know. So you were thinking of merging it up ?
  5. Gman450 said:
    I know. So you were thinking of merging it up ?

    Click the link in your previous post dude!
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    My fault !
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