INTEL CORE i3 2100 3.10Ghz (3MB CACHE)
ATI HD 4670

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  1. So have you bought this yet ?
    Yes, it can run modern games but maybe at low resolution and with lowered detail.
    If you've not bought this rig yet, then I'd suggest you get a better GPU.
  2. @Oabdalian

    go for Z68 series motherboard it will cost you about the same, go for gigabyte or Asus both are awesome.

    instead of I5 2500k, overall this will cost you about 100usd extra but its well worth it trust me on that.

    That GPU is terrible, go for a 6870.

    Tell us what is your budget so we can adjust some of the stuff. We can scale it to any price.
  3. my budget is under 450$ but on utube this card hs been showning good results as ppl say!! AND NO I HAVE NOT BOUGHT THIS RIG YET!
  4. 450$ for the entire PC ?
    Then I suggest you take a look at toms system builder's marathon for a 500$ PC gaming machine.,2970.html
  5. @OP

    Gman450 is rite look at that linked PC its awesome for the price.
  6. SO can someone tell me abt 6750 i think i'll buy that i am not a hardcore gamer just wanna play bfbc2 bf3 nfs run black ops etc on atleast medium settings
  7. how abt the 6750 huh? is it good i just wanna play fps games and some 3rd preson on medium settings!!
  8. HD 6750 is just a re-badged HD 5750. There is no performance difference between the two.
    I'd spend a few more to get a HD 6770/5770 though. They're better.
  9. I agree try to get the 5770/6770 if you need to drop some $s elsewhere get one of the Pentium G840s instead of the i3 its still a very good gaming CPU.
  10. the reason y i cant get 6770 or 5770 is that 5770 is out of stock and 6770 takes me ot of my budget! :D
  11. and will my 6870 be compatible with the mobo
    @simon I thought pentiums r out of buisness they hav crap now

    @everybody guys i am buying from this website plzz convert the pkr to usd if u like!!
  12. GPU should be the last think you cut costs on. go for a 6850 atleast its going to cost you 20-30usd more then the 6770 but its really worth it.

    The performance jump between a 6770 and 6850 is insane. Almost double the performance for an extra 20-30usd hence i would strongly recommend a 6850.
  13. kashif where r u from hav u checked the website?and there is a huge price jump from 6750 to 6850
  14. Pentium G840 vs i3 2100 see as you can see there is not a huge difference in the gaming benchmarks. Also as stated you need a good GPU more thanma good GPU for gaming.
  15. Sorry just to add to what I just said the difference between a G840 and the i3 2100 is on average less than 5% FPS difference while the diference between a 4670 and a 5770/6770 would be more than double and the jump to a 6850 from a 5770/6770 is another 20% ish see
  16. abdalian57 said:
    kashif where r u from hav u checked the website?and there is a huge price jump from 6750 to 6850

    HD 6850
    HD 6750

    Going for a 6850 would be better and will provide you better gaming performance. 6850 will do good at 1080p resolutions, whereas 6750 will not.
    At what resolution are you playing at ?
  17. ^ That card is pretty weak. The GT430 I mean.
  18. I would only like to play at 1280x1024 resolution then my card is good right????

    AGAIN ::::: i just wanna play cod bfbc2 bf3 nfs run gta 4 atleast atleast atleast on med settings if not on high!!
  19. maybe you can find an old case, and hdds from your current computer.

    that can save you a few bucks on a budget build.
  20. so can i run games at that res with that card plzz tell hurry i am going to buy in 4 days plz
  21. ^With the HD 4670 or HD 6750.
    If it's the HD 4670, at 1280X1024, it won't perform at maxed out settings but well at the res you stated.
    The same goes for the HD 6750. It will perform better at even higher resolutions. So you're good. :)
  22. thnx man
  23. You're welcome. :)
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