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Are there any Socket A motherboards with no sound on them? I am planning on getting me a new puter but I want one with no sound onboard.

I am also open for recomendations.
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  1. Just curious, as I'm by no means an expert, why does it make a difference? Just disable the onboard sound. Search motherboard websites for specs on their socket A mobos.

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  2. Cause why pay extra for something ya don't want? I already have a sound card so I don't want a motherboard with on board sound.

    I seems that all the motherboard makers are making new boards with onboard sound, Video, Lan and some even with a modem. I just want a basic motherboard with the basic stuff like Serial port, Parallel port, Usb port, etc. Not all that other stuff.

    I have been looking hard and I really want a DDR board but alot of them are coming with onboard sound. I have found a few of the older socket A mother boards that run only SDRAM with no on board sound.
  3. Don't worry about on board sound. That stuff is practically free. How much would you all say it adds to the price. I think about $1 from what I have seen but wippe! Who cares? If you can't pay the dollar go pick up some pop cans for the love of god.

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  4. so it's hard to find, cuz most of the Socket A motherboards are with sound.

  5. The Asus A7M266 has it as an option, im thinking of buying this one myself.
  6. Some of the onboard sound is often times better then some of the sound cards out there. Like that A7A has a very good onboard sound setup, it far surpassed my AWE64 sound card.
  7. There are TONS of socket A motherboards without onboard sound...look harder. You want SDR or DDR???

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  8. <font color=red><b>Abit</b></font color=red> is the only manufacturer produces mobos without Sound On-board (KT7, KT7A series and KG7 soon). <b><font color=blue>Asus</font color=blue></b> also has mobos without sound.

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  9. Hi take a look at the DFI AK76 board, perhaps the only draw back is it has the Via 686B South Bridge that is complained about alot.

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