Where can I find The Sims 2 disk 4?

I need big help. I bought and received a game, "The Sims 2" from a person from half.com and she gave me three disks for the games, after trying to install it, I relized there was a fourth disk and did'nt get it.I am dying to play it, but I must know how or where I can find it.All info could help.
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  1. contact the person who sold it to you
  2. Check The Case.

    Lol, Just kidding Like mcnumpty said email/ Call the person who sold it to and tell them to give you Disc 4 or give you a refund and go buy Sims 2 In Stores?
  3. Yep. You need to contact the person who sold it to you.

    If she does not respond to you, then the only thing you can do is complain to Half.com to see if they can contact her for you.
  4. Give a complaint to the person who sold you the game and tell him that you need a 4th disk too. He probably might have missed it that's why.
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