Pentium III

i'm building a machine on a very tight budget for a friend. i've decided to go for a P3 to save costs. i'm looking at mobo's and i like the asus CUSL2-C. any comments, good-bad-etc?.

here's the rest of the machine (on paper, only thing deffinate is the hard drive. i got it for $50 off at best buy and i could not resist it.)
933mhz P3
hercules 4500 XT Kyro 2 (p.s. i'm using it in my own machine and it rocks on DII lord of descruction, though make sure you have the newest drivers)
Turtle Beach santa cruz sound card (same as the Kyro II, it rocks!)
western digital 30gb 7200rpm hd
8x4x32 hp9150 cdr (from his current machine)
win98 (i may change it to ME later though)
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  1. The Asus is a good board. Mine runs just fine @ 158 fsb.

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  2. The ASUS CUSL2-C is a very solid mobo. Good choice. Aside from that,The new TUSL2-C will support the new PIII Tualatin cpu's as well as the Coppermines. The Abit ST6-RAID is another good mobo, but will probably cost you more than you want to spend for it. Other than that, your other hardware is solid, but stick to Win98SE instead of ME. Less headaches.

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  3. A Duron based machine could be as much performant as a PIII and much less expensive, if cost matters. With a KT133 chipset based mobo, you could later upgrade for a full athlon, again at low cost (assuming prices of athlon will always go down, especially with palomino, etc as it always does)

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  4. Good choice of parts. If you want to save a few bucks, go for the 700@933 on the same board. Or for a little better performance, you could use the 1GHz CPU.
    Oh, and don't go for ME, it SUX.

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  5. if you are saving costs, why not go for a AMD based system?
    If at all you have finalised on P3 933, you can go for a Intel made D815EEA2, which is cheaper than CUSL2-C (even CUSL2), based on the same chipset and has onboard i752 display, of course with shared memory. If you already have a graphics card, then you can have the D815EPEA2, equivalent to CUSL2-C. the cost savings are significant, but theis board is not at all flexible for overclocking, which you might not go for.


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