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i was wondering if i could run crysis 2 on max settings on my pc specs as follows
intel core i7 2600 3.4ghz quad core
4gig DDR3 ram
msi radeon HD 6790 storm 2 1gig
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  1. sounds more powerful than an xbox to me.

    DX11 though? Idk how much worse that makes it play... should be fine though.
  2. DX9, no worries- even at 1080p. For DX11 with everything maxed + AA, you WILL encounter problems depending on your resolution. 1080p would be a bit too high for that GPU in DX11 mode. The good news is, I can tell you from my own experience that the differences between DX9 and DX11 are very minor during actual play.
    Here's a link to Tom's review of the 6790, Crysis 2 DX9 benchmark:,review-32159-5.html
  3. i use my hd tv as a monitor and my pc is hooked up to it through hdmi so i play in 1080p at 1920x1080
  4. All your specs are good. I wonder why you went for a 2600k when you could have gone for a 2500k which not just cheaper but has par performance with that of a 2600k. 2600k is just 100MHz faster than a 2500k.
    Your HD 6790 seems like a bit of a drawback though. You'll be able to play the game at those resolutions probably at very high spec. With DX11 ? Probably at lowered resolution and high spec. There isn't much difference though apart from just killing your FPS.

    Overall at DX11, it should play quite well.
    Keep in mind that the video above is at 1680X1050, also the CPU is a Athlon X 3.
  5. Your FPS will be in the mid to low 20s with DX11 turned on at 1080p, I wouldn't consider that playable.
  6. thanks for your answers much appreciate , i wasnt really worrying about the cpu or ram just the graphics card really
  7. Your GPU is good for DX9 performance at 1080p but at lowered resolution for DX11. :)
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