Left4dead 2 or COD 4

Left4dead 2 or COD 4 which game should i get on steam
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  1. The one you'll like more.... Seriously These 2 Games are Completely Diffirent If say they were similar Like For Example, "Which Should I Get Battlefield Bad Company 2 Or Cod4", then I Could give you an answer but these 2 games are So Diffierent

    My Personal Prefrence Is Left 4 dead 2, The only reason is because I do not Like Call of Duty.

    Sorry I Can't be More Help. Just a very hard thing to answer. it's really something you should just think about by yourself and choose.

  2. ^+1
    Left 4 Dead 2 and COD4 are not games that can be compared. They're both different.
    I'd get both if you ask me, as I liked both of them.
  3. Replay value goes to L4D2 hands down. There are still many people playing it and Valve is still actively supporting. Some people still play COD4 but it get old real fast.
  4. alright well let me ask you guys this on steam whats the best 20 dollar game other than BFBC 2 or Killing Floor i already have those
  5. Have you tried Team fortress 2 its free and is hell lot o fun.
  6. ^+1
    TF2 is free and is a good multiplayer game.
    Have you tried Magicka ?

    You may check this one as well.
  7. Left4Dead2 will offer massive replayability, (if you can deal with all the ragequitters)
  8. Battlefield 2 I Loved that game, and thats only $20 (comes with all expansions too, Better than BFBC2 aswell, I Think) Fallout 3, Oblivion, Counter Strike Source is good, Bioshock,

    Hopefully you'll find something you like.
  9. l4d2....co op kicks ass!!
  10. l4d2 is amazing online :D
  11. Bill was the one that never died when I played the game though, it was always that white shirted dude, Louis.
    I just love it when the tank comes in ! :D
  12. Nope.
  13. LFD2 is only great for the pure awesomeness of zombie splatterage.

    The Katana and Baseball bat are my weapon of choice.
  14. L4D2
    Simple reason: Unlike COD (where you play in a 'single line' manner i.e, same gameplay, no variation, etc), in L4D2 you're playing with different persons everytime (mostly). This eradicates the monotony involve in usual single player games such as COD which have a very limited scope of experimentation qua gameplay.

    Each player (in L4D2) will have his/ her own style of playing, which cannot be predicted (unlike say, COD). That brings about an element of surprise everytime you play the game thereby offering a kind of 'suspense' as to how the game will proceed.

    Once you're done with COD, you'll be thinking twice before starting it over again. Whereas with something like L4D2, its more competitive and attractive.....and its ruddy addictive!

    For eg, just talking about it is making me wanna play it the minute I get home from work! :) So yeah, I'd highly recommend L4D2 over COD if you're strictly stuck between those two.
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