H12.exe has stopped working

hi, i have just downloaded team fortress 2 on steam, it looks like it was successful, now when i try to play anything i get this message." h12.exe has stopped working "? I am using a pc with windows 7. How do i fix this please.
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  1. What are your PC specs ?
    Did steam update your game ?
  2. Gman450 said:
    What are your PC specs ?
    Did steam update your game ?

    hi, :hello:
    intel core i3 3ghz LGA
    4gb DDR3 Ram
    500gb hd
    Galaxy Nvidia 1gb PCI-E graphic card
    windows 7 professional 32bit

    hope this is what you asked for, and no as this was the first time that the game was upload.

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    Could you be a bit more specific. :)
    I'm pretty sure it meets the minimum requirments but just asking.

    Did you try updating the game through steam ?
  4. have uninstalled the game, not sure how to update games in steam?
  5. I get the same error on steam when i play TF2 but it doesn't affect my gameplay.
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