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Hi guys,

I recently started playing crysis again. The problem im having is even though I seem to be getting goodish 40-60 fps constantly the game is very jerky. I am playing at 1920 x 1080, 8xaa, very high using the following mods,rygel texture pack, msterconfig 3.01,xtreme fx2. I also play on 32 bit mode as I get 20 more fps on average compared to the 64 bit mode. I also played the game in window mode to check if it was a crossfire issue and it does seem to be a bit smoother but its not very clear whether there is a difference.

My system is :
Windows 7 64 bit
Core i7 930 @ 3.8
2x 5850 (Catalyst 11.8 preview)
6gb ddr3
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  1. Did you patch the game ?
    And what do you mean ? You say you get 40-60 but it seems lagging ?
    Also, don't you think you've got a little too much mods there ? Use only either Rygel Texture pack and xtreme fx2.
  2. Its patched to version 1.2. Yea the fps is 40-60 but the framerate isnt smooth
  3. You mean FRAPS or any other recorder shows the FPS 40-60 but you don't feel as it is ?
    Try what I told you to and use just 2 mods at a time. Not sure if it will help though. :)
  4. Hey well I use the inbuilt fps display in crysis to check the fps. Yep I tried using 2 mods, no change. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  5. Have you tried removing all the mods ?
    Or you should try reducing the AA X 8 as it won't be noticeable since you're playing at 1080p.

    Also, do you have anything else running in the background ?
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