Do you think everyone should be literate and educated?

Hey guys i have general opinion pole what you think about education ............

advantages :- There is no one left who is not concern about the current world and it's opportunities ..

Disadvantages:- who will work if each get's qualified education so everyone want to be boss..


Example ;- you can watch the current world status.
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  1. That's a good question to be honest... and I think not quite everyone should be fully educated (AKA college), maybe only about 65-70% (which is a huge boost from what we have today) the reason for this is.

    1. more high end fields would be populated, and we would have a higher rate of technological, scientific and just plain overall advancement as a race.

    2. there would be more competition between R&D that would be a result to the surge in education levels, resulting in the above.

    3. creativity and critical thinking (something that is severely lacking in today's society) would gain substantial improvement, in addition it would also stave off ignorance.

    4. it would create jobs (teachers, maintainers, food industry, and entrepreneurs among a large pool of jobs possible).

    (obviously there are more benefits I just wrote the ones I could think of at this time).

    as far as the uneducated people, they would consist of children, teens, and people that are too lazy to pursue an education, they would fill the lower end roles that you do not really need an education for, there are many benefits to this.

    1. It would give the teens that are planning to get the full education a foot in, because there are many positions at larger companies (not talking about walmart... I'm talking about more specialized companies) that do not require an education, that still require you to have one... silly? yes.

    2. we would have all of our basic jobs filled, and managerial positions filled by more qualified people.

    3. There would be fewer people out of work, thus improved productivity (my opinion but if there are more people in the higher specialized fields there would obviously be positions for any jobless people to work at, on the other hand this all depends on whether or not there are enough specialized jobs created to be filled).

    (there are more benefits to this as well, however as above I cannot think of any more at this time).

    NOTE: I think everyone should have a high school education.

    NOTE: feel free to add to either list if you feel the same way and have additional reasons for each.
  2. Every human should be given the "opportunity" for a complete education; not forced into it. The number one requirement for success of a group is DIVERSITY among its members. For more information on this, please refer to a good book on Group Dynamics.
  3. Hello,
    Your question is very Interesting for the modren socity to look around them & find the way which is beneficial for them in their future so in my opinion we live in an age of constant scientific discovery — a world shaped by revolutionary new technologies. Just look at your favorite newspaper. The chances are pretty good that in the next few days you’ll see a headline about global warming, cloning, fossils in meteorites, or genetically engineered food. Other stories featuring exotic materials, medical advances, DNA evidence, and new drugs all deal with issues that directly affect your life. As a consumer, as a business professional, and as a citizen, you will have to form opinions about these and other science-based issues if you are to participate fully in modern society.
    Scientific literacy helps us understand the issues.
    More and more, scientific and technological issues dominate national discourse, from environmental debates on ozone depletion and acid rain, to economic threats from climate change and invasive species. Understanding these debates has become as basic as reading. All citizens need to be scientifically literate to:
    appreciate the world around them
    make informed personal choices
    It is the responsibility of scientists and educators to provide everyone with the background knowledge to help us cope with the fast-paced changes of today and tomorrow. What is scientific literacy? Why is it important? And how can we achieve scientific literacy for all citizens?
    What is scientific literacy?
    Scientific literacy, quite simply, is a mix of concepts, history, and philosophy that help you understand the scientific issues of our time.
    Why is scientific literacy important?
    Why should we care whether our citizens are scientifically literate? Why should you care about your own understanding of science? Three different arguments might convince you why it is important:
    from civics
    from aesthetics
    from intellectual coherence
    So what to do?
    The problem has been defined and the need for a solution is real. How can you and your family become scientifically literate? Fortunately, science educators the world over have spent the last decade in an all-out assault on the problem, and a number of solutions are at hand:
    Is someboby agree with me please feedback me thanks.
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  4. I think we need plenty of dumb people so the clever can easily exploit them.

    Simple really ...

    Likewise we need plenty of ugly people ... they make us look good.

    Forget this equality for all ... and an equal education.

    Some of us deserver the best.

    I am not going round in circles all day grinding the flour so the pigs get to sit at the table thanks ...

    Four legs good ... two legs better.

  5. Having too many people highly educated means more competition for jobs, which leads to lower salaries and that will eventyally lead in to deflation that won't end easily. Also, cities wouldn't be very clean as there wouldn't be many cleaners etc.
  6. Too many people with higher education also devalues it for everybody.

    For years here in the UK a Bachelor's degree was the benchmark for excellence with comparatively so few going to do a degree. Now, seemingly every bugger and their dog has a degree, which just devalues it for everyone, pushing that bar up to a Master's degree.

    I'm all for equality and equal opportunities, but it has to be TRULY equal - i.e. a white person doesn't get bumped out of a job to a lesser-experienced black person just because that company has an ethnic diversity quota to fill - and with those equal opportunities come the capacity for people to bug out and not bother.

    We should all get equal chance, but if you don't want to take that opportunity then don't come running to me saying you're discriminated against or under-skilled and expect us to support you.

    Oh, and my white/black quota comment wasn't a racially-motivated one before anybody starts accusing me of racism.
  7. huntluck said:
    Hey guys i have general opinion pole what you think about education ............

    advantages :- There is no one left who is not concern about the current world and it's opportunities ..

    Disadvantages:- who will work if each get's qualified education so everyone want to be boss..

    In simple word," ONLY LEAD TO DESTRUCTION".

    Example ;- you can watch the current world status.

    I would say give everyone equal education and knowledge similar to Deus-EX 2 with Alex Denton Ending I think! JC Denton looks like a Wario evil type clone, lots of weird things going in the game I lost my notes! :o The Chick as your avatar looks hot I would have her become a professor, just have her older than the class in highschool or college motivate kids with a hot teacher to make sure they goto highschool-college-university!
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