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How to setup games on dual monitors

I recently just bought two 24" asus led hd monitors and connected them properly to the computer. I can drag programs across screens but when I open games it will only run on one screen, and it does not give any options to increase resolution past 1920x1080. Also in the nvidia control panel the second monitor says it is connected by a composite cable even though I hooked up both monitors into the dvi sockets in the graphics card. The nvidia card is a gtx 275. Any help or suggestions on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated. And the games that I would like to run on 2 monitors does support it, like WoW.
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  1. You will need 3 screens mate. I personally play on Nvidia surround, its an awesome experience. next game i play will be this:

    Now imagine if you have 2 screens the cockpit will be split between the 2, same goes for a first person shooter the cross hair will be in the center making the game unplayable. You need a 3rd screen so things are in the middle of the 3rd screen.
  2. yea, I know 3 screens would be much more convenient. But I would still like to know how to get a game to work in 2 screens.
  3. I dont think Nvidia had support for surround gaming in the 200 series GPUs. Support for multiscreen gaming started with 400series GPUs. I could be wrong.

    try this if the option is there:

    go to the Nvcontrol panel, check if there is an option for Nvidia surround. When you select this option higher resolutions should be available on your system.

    for 2 1920*1080 monitors the res should be 3840*1080.

    Though please realise the GTX 275 only came with 896 MB of ram. Higher resolutions tend to strain the memory frame buffer, your GPUs performance may become limited due to memory constraints.

    This is why newer GPUs like GTX 570, 580(which are ment for multiple screens) come with 1.28, 1.5gb ram.

    AMD GPUs even come with 2GB ram.
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    For an NVIDIA card ( regarding any series ) 2D surround is what you can get for multiple monitors. Whether it may be 200,400,500 series, they can't handle multiple monitors.
    A single NVIDIA card can't handle multiple ( more specifically 3 monitors ) at once. Only SLI can. Whereas if you've got AMD/ATi card, you can handle multiple ( more than 3 ) monitors simultaneously.
    Also, it's not RAM, it's VRAM for the memory dedicated to a card. :)
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  6. Oh, okay. Thank you very much for the information.
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