AGP Aperture Size Question

I implore to all the hardware gods that frequent this forum.

I have noticed that my AGP Aperture size is set to 64Mb. What would be the optimum size for my setup and how do I change it? My setup is as follows:

PIII 866
Intel815E Mobo (From Gateway 2000, yes, I'm sorry)
64Mb Geforce2 GTS
256Mb Crucial RAM

The problem is that the bios included with my computer doesn't allow for any adjustment of the AGP settings, prolly to product Gateway owners from themselves...the irony of me trying to tweak it has struck me already. Do any of you know of a utility that I can use that would allow for me to change the aperture size? I've been talking over in the Graphics Card forum, and the consensus seems to be that 128Mb would be a good setting...

Thanks for the help.
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  1. yea normally you want your graphics aperature size to be double what the ram is on your video card.
    I don't know of any utilities though, you shouldn't have gotten a pre built
    so much cheaper and easier to do it yourself
  2. The AGP aperture allows the graphics card to call on free system RAM for texturing, allowing the card to get on with the rendering.

    To say set it at double the card size is wrong. What if I'm operating 64MB RAM and 32 MB card. Probably will work, but it might cause problems.

    I've always been told to set it at half the main RAM. So 128MB of RAM = 64MB aperture.

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