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I thought I'd give it a run for old time's sake.
But when I search for servers, I see nothing?
Is it a bug? Or have people completely abandoned this game?
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  1. There are still servers maybe you just need to update the game
  2. Of course people still play the game.
    Did you update and patch the game to the latest version ?
  3. ummmm, doesn't it do that automatically?
    i just installed the game via steam and i assumed it would be patched?
    it says it's keeping this game updated automatically on steam, but i don't see anything still :(
  4. Steam does automatically update the game if the game version is obsolete.
    But it doesn't answer the fact that the servers should show up. I mean, I used to have CSS installed and I used to have a similar problem about the servers not showing up. And what I did was that I manually updated the game, and problem was solved.
  5. ohhh, thank you :)
    do u mind explaining how you manually updated it?
    i'm looking for options in steam and can't seem to find it.
  6. Well, actually, I had CS 1.6 with me and when I updated that manually the servers appeared. It was a typo error sorry.
    Since you've got the steam copy, there's no way of manually doing it. So let steam automatically update it for you to the latest one. Still if you can't stop the problem of freezing, ask at steampowered forums. People out there can help you out. :)
  7. blah...i just downloaded and last night, and can't see any servers up :(
  8. But Steam forums seems like the only other way. :)
  9. Do you know of any friends that play CSS ? The servers may have gone down or try what they said
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