Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead wont load mission

I recently purchased arma 2 combined operations on steam and after getting to mission 4 on operation arrowhead and shooting down the three planes that come at you the screen fades to black and it wont load, theres just the brown loading bar at the bottom of the screen but it is not moving at all. I would really like this to be fixed so i can go on to the next level already. thanks.
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  1. Did you update/patch the game ? Did you try reloading the level from the previous checkpoint or tried re-starting the level itself ?
    Did you try re-installing the game ?
  2. yup, i got it at steam so its patched to 1.59, i even tried installing the latest beta patch for it. I also restarted the level multiple times and i tried from a checkpoint but still nothing
  3. Did you re-install the game ?
  4. yeah i did, still nothing
  5. What about your registry ?
    Did you clean it ?
  6. i did, and still nothing :/
  7. Well, I'm running out of ideas.. :??:
    Try googling, and see if any others got the same problem like you..
  8. I'm having the exactly same issue.

    I have noticed that this also happens if I survive on a failed mission e.g. when the mine explodes and I stay alive - the same black screen with empty loading bar at the bottom appears.
  9. Go to game properties, set launch options and add this:

    If it does not work, try these:
  10. Thanks for the answer! Did you mean to go to shortcut of the game, right click, select properties, then in Target field add these commands? Or did you mean to do something ingame?

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