Half life games (cs source) refuse to work on my computer

My specs are
Athlon x3 440
biostar ta 870 +
6gb ddr3 1333
EVGA gts 250 512
some hitach sata 7200rpm
Thermaltake 450 watt tr2
windows 7 64 bit

So I dont know what the issue is but after about 10-15 minutes of gameplay, either the screen freezes and the sound starts repeating, or I get a black freeze, not bsod.
This has been going on since the first day i got the computer last year, ive re installed all of steam. drivers etc...
Ive played battlefield bad company 2 for literally HOURS, and have had very little crashes if any. Ive played Mafia II, sniper ghost warrior, and even Black ops for hours without crashes.
But team fortress 2, counterstrike source, Just CRASH after couple minutes into gameplay.
I have opened speedfan during gameplay and the temps are really not that high, not as high as it gets during battlefield.
I really miss playing counterstrike =(. I used to play hours none stop on my old computers.
What can I do?
Im seriously about to rma every part I have -__-
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  1. So this happens only with steam games ?
  2. No other steam games work fine. Just the half life based games. I ran cs source on a window. It ran fine a bit longer maybe 20-25 minutes, and the screen I was on just froze.
    I switched the screen (alt-tab) and checked the temps and there were nowhere above 65, gpu and cpu.
    Cs source is still open but when i switch to it the screen is just frozen i cant exit or anything.
  3. Since other games run fine, I suspect it's the digital copy of your game that's causing it. Your current game files might have got corrupt.
    Did you try re-installing the games ? A clean one ?
  4. Ive deleted steam and res installed it.
    I have also re-installed it on a different partition running xp 32bit. I eventually got similar crashes.
  5. As I said earlier, this could be a problem with the digital copy you got for the game. You may want to get another one.
  6. How would I get another one? I just download it off steam.
  7. Can you download another one from steam ? I don't know about this since I don't use it.
  8. It sounds like....Your onboard sound. Disable the onboard sound in the bios and play the games without sound or install a sound card.
  9. "How would I get another one? I just download it off steam."
    You can't play these Steam games without Steam (Steamworks).
    In your steam console you should be able to delete, check game integrity and re-install after you have removed it.
  10. I did the game integrity, kind of the first things I tried. The disabling sound in bios sounds decent but will I not have system sound for the whole time im playing?
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