Can i get list of 2 player games with one keyboard please?

would anyone post list of 2 player pc games that can be played with one keyboard
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  1. Actually there aren't much out there. Mostly, the games that are released for split screen games are for consoles, whereas it's not the same for PC. If you have a controller then you can play games like FIFA ( not in split screen though ). Another one would be, Ford Racing Off Road. That one seems about the only game that runs on split screen.
  2. I was actually wondering the same, i could not find many sources that advertise 2 player PC games, they just are an extreme rarity and it is sad. Me and my girl would love to play Dirt3 and etc. together, I did spend an awful lot of money on my gaming rig and sadly, cannot play anything together. I will look for Ford Racing Off Road at BestBuy, thanks Gman
  3. Your welcome.
    If you can spend some money on a controller, then you two can can play co-op games together like Fifa and Portal 2. :) evevn on PC.
  4. Oh ya? I actually have portal 2 but only 1 xbox 360 controller. Ill have to get another and try it out i was totally unaware portal 2 was coop. It really is a shame though they should really put some more development into games like Army of Two but for the PC, although i guess the market isnt really there else they would already be doing so!
  5. Split Second does 2 player split screen like that.
  6. @benski Awsome!! I will have to get that. Thanks.
  7. Ah man there was some old hot wheels game that I used to play back in the day that had the two player split screen thing. I can't remember the name of it though. I'm gonna try to find it, it sounds like fun right now.
  8. blur is a fun racing game. it has split screen up to four players. i think you need controllers for it though
  9. swolper said:
    blur is a fun racing game. it has split screen up to four players. i think you need controllers for it though

    agreed. Blur is so much fun.
  10. Dirt 3 works split screen as well.
  11. I suppose there are many old games which u can play as dual on single keyboard, mortal kombat, Need For Speed old editions etc.
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