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I have problem playin crysis 2007 on win7 ultimate 64bit...the game is launching but i can't play it because when i start a game both mouse and keyboard doesn't work..also when i try to modify settings i can't do anything..the settings are clean (i mean there isn't any controls...etc) when i try to modify graphic settings for example ,nothing happens when i click apply like i didn't do anything!!

ATI Radeon 6870HD 1GB
Phenom x6 1075T

OS:WIN7 64bit
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  1. Try using Alt+Tab and run the game in windowed mode such that you can change the settings. I used to have a similar issue like it. Turns out, it was a problem with resolution. :)
  2. UPDATE: I just re-read your question and are you sure that you don't see any of the settings in-game ?
    Have you tried re-installing the game ? Have you patched the game as well ?
  3. i tried reinstalling but not patching...the problem that when i select game settings and check for controls ,i found nothing there's no controls at all i can't add the either
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