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Ok I was not sure where to put this post, hope it was the right forum to put it.

I am experiencing a problem where memory usage for explorer.exe and NetLimiter.exe are extreemly high.

Everything is ok every time I start up the computer memory usage is at 12,000K for NetLimiter.exe and something simular for explorer.exe.

But after 4 hours these two numbers go up to 300,00K for NetLimiter.exe and 181,000K for explorer.exe.

Well I have allot of memory in my computer (1G) but it is not enough when the numbers keep on rising. After a while the computer starts to stutter every second. This is not really that bad if you are just working but when listening to music it is quite bothersome.

Another bit of info:
When I end the NetLimiter.exe process and then start it up again the memory is still the same. But if I close down explorer.exe and NetLimiter.exe and start them up again everything is back to normal 9,000K Netlimiter.exe and 27,000K explorer.exe

Anybody know what is going on.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Well it has been working fine for a long time (3 months)
    It is a program so I can limit the uploads and downlaods of specific programs. So if I want one downlaod to have a higher priority than another I can just set the others to a limit.

    So explorer.exe is fine? But is it really normal to be using 181,00K after just a few hours?
  2. Sounds like this code has a gigando memory leak. wusy is right it seems not to bee well written.
  3. but this is 181Mb in a few hours for explorer.exe
    and NetLimiter.exe can go up to 700Mb somtimes (if I leave the computer on for a whole day)

    Any suggestions on what to do? It is quite anoying could it me any hardware problems? Memmory or motherboard
    I hope it is a software problem thow, shall I try taking away NetLimiter and reinstalling the program? I need that program though because of the huge network I am connected to, I have people downloading from me all the time (colective living for the college)

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  4. There is really no way to tell if it is a mem leak. That usually requires softwre diagnostic and testing tools that can trace a programs memory allocation cycle and see if it returms the memory it uses to the free pool after it is finished using it. if the program doesn't that is called a memory leak because memory space allocated and not unallocated after use in unavalable for use by any process until the program that alloacted it terminates. This can evnetually cause a system crash if it is severe.

    Well in either case if it is indeed a memory leak there is nothing you can do to correct it. That requires source, fix and recompile.
    Programs like EXPLORER.EXE which is basically a major portion of your operating system will allocate more memory for different reasons over the course or a boot cycle. For the OS that is more typical.
    However Netlimiter doesn't seem as though it should be that much of a resource hog.
    You might want to another program that performes a similar function and see if it also "eats up" memory.
    You have to use EXPOLRER there is no getting around that. Just wondering is you have the latest SP2 XP? I don't know if EXPLORER was part of that release.
    I doubt it is hardware.
  5. Yeah I have SP2, was that a bad choice?

    The thing that is troubling me is that it has just started happening recently. I never have had any problems like this before.

    Well I dont know any other programs that performe simular funktions, do you know of any?
  6. No SP2 turned out to be a good thing.
    Read some about Netlimiter and others have commented on its heavy memory usage. It may not be a leak but rather just a result of its function.
    Did find another program some folks seemed happy with and recommended <A HREF="" target="_new"> called azureus </A> maybe you can check that out. Some claims say it is less memory intensive.
  7. azureus is a bittorrent program and not really the same thing, but thanks anyway.

    Ill try to find something else, the weird thing is that I have never had problems with NetLimiter before. I have had the program for months without any ptoblems and then this the last few days.
  8. well it keeps on adding 20K every second or so and after a while it is up to that amount. 9-10 hours or so I think
  9. explorer.exe is just the graphics on your desktop.

    What kind of GUI (graphics interface) does Netlimiter use? Is it storing an audit log for on the fly checking?

    Disabling Netlimiter gets rid of the problem, so something either changed on the program or it's problems are just now starting to show to you.

    I'd try uninstalling, deleting the program folder that it will probably leave behind, then reinstalling.

    It looks like they want $30 for the software, so maybe a trial ran out after 3 months and now it's going to start caching in on your memory to make you either 1) uninstall it 2) buy it.
  10. I bought the damn thing. I have a full version of the program on my computer. Well ok I did not buy it, but my friends company has it licensed and I am unoficialy an employee.

    The program works great for everybody but me. I have tried reinstalling and in stalling on another disk, still the same problem. I have tried downloading another version and an older version. The same thing happens. I donwloaded another net limiting program to test out and I saw the same sort of effect though slightly slower.

    It has to be something with my windows, I just dont know what to do about it.
  11. This is weird. I am going to install it and play on one of my boxes and see if I can replicate your problem. I have been to several places I frequent and asked about Netlimiter and memory usage and no one that uses it seems to have this issue.
    Are you using v1.30?
  12. Yes I am currently using v1.30.
    Well thank you very much "insert real name here", you really take your time and I apreciate that, thanks.

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