CD/DVD Optical Drives Completely Missing

I have struggled with this for a week now, so I really hope that someone here can assist. I would describe my computer ability as moderate.

Last week a friend was visiting and asked to install his MagicJack through the USB port on my PC to make a long distance call. Said he does it all the time. I let him.

The short of it is, now my cd/dvd optical drives are both missing. I mean completely gone as far as the computer is concerned. There is not even a tab for them in Device Manager. I checked the BIOS and cannot even find them there, although the boot priority still calls a ATAPI CD-ROM out. Both DVD's get power, lights come on, and discs spin. But no reading by the computer.

What I have is as follows:

Windows 7 64

1 x HP and 1 x LG CD/DVD Rom hooked up via IDE

ASUS A8N32SLI Deluxe MB with 1405 BIOS update (latest).

I have attempted many fixes, including but not limited to what is mentioned on this page:

Several forums have suggested a registry issue and deleting 'filters'. There are no UpperFilters or LowerFilters to delete. The registry does make mention of the correct players Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\IDE. They are both there. I also tried to reset the 'Key' as recommended in 1 thread. No luck.

Also, I have tried system restore as well as uninstalling and reinstalling in an attempt to get plug n play to recognize. FixIt says that I do not have an optical device connected. I removed 1 drive and the IDE cable and installed in a different PC. It worked fine there.

This is not a new setup. It is a build I made in 2007 and I installed Win 7 x64 in March of this year (clean install). No problems until now.

I am at a complete loss. As I do not use the optical drives that often, I cannot say with 100% certainty that they were there before the MagicJack incident. I think I removed all the software that MagicJack installed (what a mess that is!), but I am not 100% sure.

I would try a clean reinstall of Windows, but without an optical drive, not sure how to do that (or that it will actually fix anything). Any assistance that the community can provide would be appreciated.
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  1. My problem has been solved. For future reference, this was the post (on another forum) that solved it:

    run this tool first(magicjack removal tool ,shut down computer, then disconnect the the IDE & the PSU cables from the the DVD unit or units,boot into safe mode,run this fix ,this Xp fix will work on vista aswell as win7,after you run the fix,shut down the machine(do not restart yet)reconnect the cables(IDE &PSU)
    then restart in normal mode,windows will find the devices as new hardware.

    Thank you to all for your time and consideration
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