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I was wondering if anyone has a rough idea of how to lower my ping rate on my pc i play a MMO and my ping is never below 300 jumps as high as 13,500 and my whole computer locks up on me never used to do it before and it is very frustrating about ready to chump this guy out of my window please help if u can
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  1. Wait, my understanding that a high ping was good. Isn't how well you are connected? That's what I was told anyway.
  2. it could be your firewall but contact your isp there the experts..Also @jtman562 ping is how long it takes to send data to the of 300=it takes 3 seconds to send data to server(e.g you shoot someone in a game it takes 3 seconds for them to get hit.)
  3. pings are typically measured/given in milliseconds....

    300 = 300ms = almost 1/3rd of a second = slowwwww

    Pings of 100 and below (25-75 millisec) are best.....
  4. chances are its your firewall or you security software... i have only run into this issue with a couple of fire walls. 1 by avira and i cant remember the other. i think it was panda... turned out the active malware scan that the security app does causes ping bounce... so try replacing them with something else.
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