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GTA IV works slow on my pc help me

system configuration
processor: intel core2duo e7500 2.9Ghz 1066FSB, 3MB
graphic card: 512MB ATI Radeon HD 4350
Memory: 2GB DDR3 SD RAM 1066Mhz
free space: 30GB

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  1. GTA IV is an un-optimized piece of...uh...poo. Anyway, it seems like you may want a better video card, maybe one with +1GB of VRAM (GDDR5 is the fastest). Try getting 4GB of RAM. The processor is iffy, but leave it to see if there is still an issue after getting a new video card. The game is not just GPU based, but CPU based as well. You are going to need a lot of CPU power to run that game.
  2. Well first your CPU is fine, however your graphics card is not ment for gaming.

    Also GTA 4 has many settings. for low end systems i would recommend you keep the shadows turned off as they can be very intesive on the systems performance.
    Also turn down the draw distances to about 15-17 that should help boost performance.
  3. i dont think your cpu is upto it

    ive checked and it seems my e7600 runs at 100% and gpu dosnt reach above 50%

    badly made game

    (i dont think your gpu is good enough and i doubt you have enough ram)
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