Does tom know what he's talking about?

Can you really run a tbird with the tyan thunder or do you have to use an mp. I know what tyan's site says. I'm just looking for feedback from you guys.
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  1. Are my post really that uniteresting or is it that know one really knows anything about this?
  2. well, given that only a handful of people in the us have actually used a dual athlon board, i doubt many people at this point can refute toms review......why not wait a couple of months and see what developes?

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  3. I've got this board and have tried just about everything or maybe even everything that I could possibly think of. I can't get a regular tbird to work. It will not post at all. I've even got a new motherboard and that doesn't work the tbirds work in another system. I should have an mp processor sometime this week. So hopefully i will know more then. Insight is always welcome.

  4. <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>. Tha's the best I can do for information. Thanks to AmdMeltdown(!) for the link, maybe that guy isn't totaly useless!

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  5. The system will now post with the mp processor. However a new problem has arose. The system will not post with both stick of ddr. Individually each one works but I have tried all possible combinations of both of them and it will not post. Is there a switch in the bios that needs to be turned on so that mored than one memory bank can be used? I appreciate all the replies.


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