Used Xbox 360 System

i've got a 360 that will do everything but play the game discs. can anyone tell me what the problem is?
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  1. well what happens when you play "game discs"
  2. Sounds a bit like a problem with the eye on the disc reader to me.
  3. Yeah I'm about to win one on ebay for $20 I'm just going to replace the drive and flash it so I can play backup games. I was going to waste $100 on x360 key. but then I realized that I can just flash it for free. I'm kinda hoping that it has a hitatchi drive because those are supposed to be the easiest to flash from what I've heard. but yeah just open up the dvd drive and spay the "eye" with some compressed air. You might need to wipe it softly with a little rubbing alcohol to help it get cleaned.
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