Best RTS games?

Thinking of buying Dawn of War 2 + Chaos Rising, any other recommendations? Are there any recent historical or fantasy RTS games worth playing?
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  1. I like starcraft 2.
  2. It's old, but I've always loved Rise of Nations. Or Age of Empires 3. Or, for something a little different, Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War. It allows you to take command of your "hero" and join the battle with your armies in a third person fighting mode.
  3. I highly recommend the C&C series for fun and nostalgia value. StarCraft 1 & 2 are must-plays for any RTS fan. The Age of Empires series is excellent, and if you like fantasy, you'll enjoy Battle for Middle-Earth a lot.

    EDIT: Forgot WarCraft. What was I thinking?
  4. Agreed with Herr_Koos. I'd also like to add the Total War series if more in depth, slower paced strategy appeals to you.
  5. Warcraft 3 may be old but imo its still one of the best RTS games out there.
  6. Loved starcraft so much. Starcraft 2 just felt like a massive letdown to me, although I still play it.

    C&C series is indeed good.

    Supreme Commander I enjoyed

    Total Annihilation was one of my favorite games back in the day along with Starcraft!
  7. Star Wars: Age of Empires!!!
  8. Empire Total War Series with the latest installment Shogun 2.
  9. calmstateofmind said:
    Star Wars: Age of Empires!!!

    You mean Empire at War? Or the actual SW mod for AoE2?
  10. Herr_Koos said:
    You mean Empire at War? Or the actual SW mod for AoE2?

    Lol. :ange: Yes, I do mean Empire at War. It was a long day yesterday. :D
  11. gheed said:
    Thinking of buying Dawn of War 2 + Chaos Rising, any other recommendations? Are there any recent historical or fantasy RTS games worth playing?

    One more I just thought of, another Relic/THQ title: Company of Heroes. It's probably the best WW2 RTS out there.
  12. There is also the Lord of the Rings RTS, I've heard that the 2nd games was really good.
  13. jgiron said:
    There is also the Lord of the Rings RTS, I've heard that the 2nd games was really good.

    Already mentioned it above; Battle for Middle-Earth. And yes, it's excellent.
  14. Im a big fan of the total war series, cant go wrong with most of them
  15. Rome Total WAR + Barbarian invasion
    Empire Total War + Napoleon Total War
    Shogun 1
    Command and Conquer series
    Command and Conquer Red Alert series
    Command and Conquer Generals series
    Warcraft 1 and 2
    Starcraft 1
  16. Anything made by Relic (Dow/CoH).
  17. Middle Earth II Is amazing (Lord of the rings) but online servers got taken off by ea
    Empire total war + Napoleon Total war are great 1700, 1800 time period games
    Rome total War (Roman Era)
    Company of Heroes (WW2)
    Dawn of War II
    Age of Empires III is another great game1492-1850
    Medieval 2
    Command and Conquer 3 :D
  18. There is an older star wars age of empires esque game.
    Called Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds
  19. world in conflict definatly
  20. Word in conflict, Age of empires III and Company of heros are my recommendations all really different games.
  21. Company of Heroes still my favorite RTS game,Just something about it that keeps me wanting to play more especially via lan with a couple friends
  22. Company of Heroes is my favorite "Modern day" RTS and Age of Empires 1 is my favorite "Old school" RTS.

    I also love Total War series but I don't consider them a traditional RTS.
  23. Total War series (Rome and later)
    Supreme Commander, the original and FA, don't bother with SupCom2 they screwed up everything.

    Those are my favourites for the WOW factor (epic battles and scale).

    The more tradition ones like RA2, AoE2, Rise Of Nations, Warcraft 3, Dawn of War are classics and definitely worth playing.
  24. Red Alert 1, 2 and 3
    Star Wars Empire at War Gold
    Age of Empires 2 and 3
    Company of Heroes

    These are some of my favorites, I grew up with Red Alert and its by far my favorite RTS of all time. Well maybe the second one is :)
  25. the original starcraft is second to none.

    warcraft III wasn't bad, i just never got into it.

    total annihilation would have to be in the top 10

    its a game that copies off of many of the others but the post-patched game warzone 2100 was fun. not top 20 by far but definitely interesting.
  26. You simply must have The Grid in this conversation as a great RTS that's very addicting and unique.

    The Grid - Crack for web strategists
  27. Total Annihilation!!! excellent game... haha
  28. STAR CRAFT 2
    end of story
  29. These are the best RTS games
    Company of Heroes
    Empire: Total War
    Sins of a Solar Empire
    World In Conflict
    Medieval II: Total War
  30. original Starcraft hands down 2nd wasn't bad but there's still 2 more games coming :P (great nultiplayer)

    Universe at war: earth assault (cant believe no ones really mentioned it O.o) very starcraft like but super fun

    Sins of a solar empire is awesome

    galactic battlegrounds is just age of empires but in starwars form (didnt really like Empire at war)

    supreme commander is the best if all you want to do is make a ridiculously huge army (factions arent that great
    though and the stories pretty bad)

    Age of mythology is a great game! like age of empires but with godly units

    and (if you can can get a copy) if your into the AVP series they had Alien VS Predator: Extintion for the PS2 (if you have a powerful enough computer) that is totally worth checking into

    and for the record im biased toward Sci-fi futuristic games so these are for you if your like me
  31. Cheers! I'm here to recommend League of Legends (LoL)
    It's entertaining as you know the rules already and FREE!
    Here's the link if you'd want to sign up:

    Try it! It's really great ;)
  32. This is my favorite list of games (its expanding every day).
    Check it out:
  33. Zombie thread...
  34. I got a chuckle out of the request for an rts game, and the 2nd to last post being a league of legends link. heh
  35. Starcraft broodwar for me was the pinacle of RTS (thou i was a 17 at the time so im sure it has a reason im nostalgic about it).
    Its very old, but the game in general is great in single player, while on multiplayer i consider it to be the hardest game ever created ( and for me thats a good thing ).

    Starcraft 2 is great in general but i feel the balance is so off that at higher level in multiplayer it becomes boring, at least on ladder.

    Apart from those 2, i tried age of empires, supreme commander, warcraft 3 and i think a few others, but none really grabbed me as the previous starcrafts.
  36. Of the latest RTS definitely better - Starcraft 2...
    But in my heart will always remain Dune 2 :)
  37. Homeworld and Homeworld 2. They aren't traditional RTS games but I think they qualify. Yes, they are older, but I'm still shocked by how good the look given their teeny tiny specs. Granted they offer little replay value and playing in wide open 3D space can be a real hassle if you've been drinking, but still.
  38. Age of empires 3 is my favorite! still play it every once and a while with my friends
  39. I love my RTS's. My personal favorite (but old) are Rise of Nations and Age of Empires. I also enjoy the Total Ware series very much, particularly Shogun 2, Rome 2 is coming out late next year. If your into sci-fi you'll love Starcraft 2. Some others are Commander & Conquerer, Civ 5 and Company of Heroes.
  40. Try World of Battles. It's interesting but not for everyone as it's quite hard:)
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