RPG Game Suggestions?

Hello, I'm trying to find a game that's like Runescape in the sense that I can mine, smith, and sell that stuff, and I can craft stuff. And all the resources can be obtainable by yourself, or with a pick. It doesn't have to be multiplayer. Thanks!
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  1. Minecraft, Eve, Terraria.
  2. EVE?
  3. Mine. Smith. SELL. Not just mine and smith. Like Runescape.
  4. Yes, Eve. It's a great game. Plenty of mining, smithing, selling going on there. If not, though, try World of Warcraft. It's the all-around generic MMORPG (which is what Runescape is)
  5. If you mean eve as om EVE Online. Then I can't, because I can't pay monthly to play.
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