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I currently have a year old HP desktop that I would like to add a graphics card to. Its a CQ5320Y. The card I would like to add is a 6850. What watt PSU would I need and also what type of one?

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  1. it depends on other factors like fans cpu etc...but use this to find out how many wats you will be using and then chose your psu.
  2. what power supply are you using at the moment, it will tell you on the side

    go up 400 watts from that and you will be safe

    dont bother with calcs they are inacurete, better to buy bigger than you think you need and be safe

    I can see that your HP desktop has a 250W PSU. You're going to have to change that in order to give room for a HD 6850. Also, that CPU is going to bottleneck the HD 6850, so you wouldn't want the card to under-perform.

    How much are you willing to spend on a better PSU ?
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