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i just reactivated my world of warcraft account and have been running into problems. my laptop is a MSI Gx620 (Actually one of the only other threads i've posted here was a request for advice, and someone suggested this laptop) , which i originally bought with the intentions of playing WoW. When i got to college, i decided i shouldn't play, so i dropped the game, and now, about 3 years later, am deciding to revisit it, in moderation. i downloaded the game and used a 7 day trial to run around, the only issue is after about 5 to 10 minutes of playing, my game closes, my computer shuts down all programs, and shuts down. this is common with overheating, and i've had to deal with it before, but i found it odd the laptop wasn't nearly as hot as i usually get it before shutting down, it was just somewhat warm to the touch on the bottom.

now here things get stranger. i get home, place it on an ice pack, and start playing again, constantly checking the heat of the air coming out of the graphics card fan (typically it heats up with the computer). everything is going fine, and 10 minutes in, same thing happens. i pick up the computer and its hardly warm at all. i don't know if its overheating or not, but something else strange is every time this happens, Chrome losses all my extensions and says my preferences can't be read. is this purely hardware? if someone could help me, i'd really appreciate it.
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  1. I'd check those temperatures using a 3rd party tool
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