PS3 Harddrive Help!

Hey Guys,

I need some assistance,

I have my PS3 and my harddrive is now full from saving TV shows/Movies ETC with PlayTV.

How do I transfer the data from the harddrive to my computer?

Someone has told me to buy a TV tunner card, place this in my desktop, connect the aerial to the internal card and the ps3 to the card, this way you can save directly onto the PC??

Can anyone better explain this or if it's even possible?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. The PS3 hard drive is easy to uninstall/reinstall if you need to either get info or replace it. There are many tutorials online or on youtube to help you educate yourself for such a task
  2. The PS3 hard drive format is proprietary and can't be read by windows. The way the 1st post describes sounds expensive. I think the easiest think to do is to get a USB sata dock like this:

    and any hard drive for your computer. Use your computer to format the drive as FAT32. Now move the dock & drive over to the PS3 and connect it via USB. Now, select a movie and hit the triangle button. If you have the option to copy, selct it, then select the USB drive as the destination.

    Now you can move the dock and drive back to your computer.

    Most movies are copy protected and will not allow you to copy them off the PS3 system drive.
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