PCChips M810LMR Direct 3D Problems

I know you get what you pay for, so I was asking for this when I bought this crappy $60 motherboard, but hopefully someone can help me.

I have a PCChips M810MLR motherboard, running an Athlon 1.2 GHz. I put my GeForce DDR in the AGP slot to take over for the on board AGP graphics chip (whatever it is). OpenGL games run fine (I get a steady 40-60 FPS in Quake 3), but Direct 3D is in the shitter. I ran 3DMark2001 on it and recieved a 600 or something like that - lower than a RIVA 128!

I believe the problem is in some driver for the motherboard because:

A. CPU runs nice and fast
B. Quake 3 runs good
C. Direct 3D used to work good on my old mobo
D. I can't think of any other reason why this piece of @#$*#$ is screwing up.

If anyone's got any suggestions that could point me in the right direction (other than to buy a new motherboard... I know, I know) they would be greatly appreciated.


Mike Rosack
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  1. Mike, you didn't say if you've installed the latest drivers for the GeForce. Also, what about the BIOS on the PCCraps?

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  2. Make sure the onboard graphics are completely disabled. Check to see if there is a jumper for this on the motherboard. You can also check in the BIOS for an option. If neither of these options are available, In Windows get into Device Manager and view Display Adapters. You should see the onboard graphics and the Geforce. Double click on the onboard graphics and select the option to Disable the Hardware profile.
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