Windows7 x64 crysis FPS issues

hi, I've just moved from 32bit windows 7 to 64bit windows7 and i am noticing issues with crysis's FPS now, i used to get a sold 30fps and now it stutters like mad, dropping to 5fps. i have to run the game in compatibility mode for vista sp2 in order to even launch the exe. can anyone help me out?

my specs are: AMD phenom II x4 955 @3.2, 4gb DDR3 RAM, HD4890 1gb, 320gb SATA II hdd.
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  1. you delete all your drivers and download em for x64?
  2. Wait, I didn't understand your question.
    You went from 32bit to 64bit Win7 OS ? And that you experience difficulties while playing the game such as lags and stutterings ?
    Did you patch the game ?
  3. the game is fully patched and all my drivers are x64, crysis is the only game with issues, crysis WARHEAD seems to work fine
  4. What about re-installing the game ? Have you tried that yet ?
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    If re-installing didn't work, it might be a dumb assumption... But maybe it auto-selected low or medium graphics before and now it auto-selected high or ultra graphics? Could try lowering graphic settings to see if that does anything..
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