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I am looking to get a new monitor, likely
Viewsonic 2453 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824116479

it has a VGA and 2 hdmi (sweet!)

I was also looking at a less expensive one the 2450. Which only has DVI.

What woudl be required to hook a ps3 (which I currently do not have lol) up to the 2453? Some kind of sound convertors? The Monitor would be primarily for computer rig, extra monitor in multi-monitor setup, but being able to attach a console to it is definitley useful and there's no way I'd ever get some monitor/telly Just for console.
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  1. Since the 2453 has built in speakers you just only need to hook the monitor to the ps3 via a hdmi cable and you'll be good.
  2. werner123 said:
    Get something like the samsung bx2331 led it has 2xhdmi and is cheap. Or you should get a hdmi-dvi converter

    But spend a little more for a monitor that has native hdmi, you will thank yourself later. :)

    hey werner123 nice finding nemo profile!

    This REALLY confuses, mate(s) and I would appreciate some clarification. SCoured forums and youtubes and how-tos and it seems


    is needed in the monitor. Prob is practically NO monitors have that listed as a feature.

    How do you know the samsung bx2331 led is more ideal for the ps3 connection.

    MOST importantly, I would appreciate some more explanation of why the the proposed 2453 viewsonic (which looks fine to me) is not ideal.

    did you even look at that 2453????

    It has TWO hdmis builtin and doesn't even have a DVI port.

    The ports do not confuse me (male-female hdmi, dvi, vga etc).

    it's the compatibility with the monitor(s).

    I absolutely 100% zero reason why the samsung bx2331 is ANY better than the 2453 viewsonic.

    for connecting ps3. Would the PS3 successefully connect to 2453? If NOT, why not? Does it connect to 2331?

    Thanks for this explanation, if someone shares why.

    HDCP is High Definition Content Protection and it seems to be used with things like blu-ray. How do I know Either of those monitors are HDCP compatible?

    I'll tell you what, I'm definitely not getting a monitor just based on suggestion without fully understanding why it's a better alternative to some other monitor.

  3. manormortal said:
    Since the 2453 has built in speakers you just only need to hook the monitor to the ps3 via a hdmi cable and you'll be good.

    Well (no offense) but it seems like werner's suggestion was ludicrous and unnecessary and...dumb., especially because he provided no reason other than mere personal preference (an absolutely useless criteria) for the 2331 over the viewsonic. If the 2453 works with ps3. But are you CERTAIN that it would work? I don't even have a ps3 at present, just want to option with a monitor to connect and this looks good.

    As far as I can tell werner's suggestion was just "meh, I don't care if the monitor you suggested (2453) works, here's one I like" which is a contribution so useless it actually detracts from this thread!

    Unless someone can provide evidence of 2453 definitely being incompatible...

    2453 looks magnificent to me!

    Thanks manormortal.
  4. By the way I was deciding between Viewsonic 2453 and lower viewsonic models. It's NJEITHER

    I found ASUS 248H it's 24-inch 199. wall-mountable, built-in speakers 2ms response time (Say as the 208 2353 viewsonic) AND AND AND it's got all three data input modes hdmi, vga, dvi. So psyched. over 94% certaintly, close to 100% that that's the monitor investment I'm getting. SWEET!
  5. plus, my mobo (still have to save up to get . am on ridiculously tight financial distribution) is asus. I don't want to go overkill with one brand but I like that co.
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