Fraps has trouble Running on High End System

I've been trying to fraps different Games on my PC, I know that my components are not the problem. Anything I can try? When i start to record FPS drops to below 30 FPS.

Intel i7 2600
2x Nvidia GTX 580
8gb Ram
1tb HDD
1000w PSU
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  1. Also, The games I'm running are MW2, BFBC2, and Black Ops. As well as ARMA 2/
  2. You got the most recent version of FRAPS?
  3. Yes.
  4. You're running as admin right? And what is your video capture set at? if its at like 30fps then it will force your computer to play at that.
  5. Yes, and it is set for 60fps.
  6. Hrm idk... mine was having real bad problems like that too, went to site and saw 3.4.6 was released downloaded it and ran like a champ.
  7. is this for every game...?
    then check your screen refresh rate in screen rez panel.
    or it maybe the game has vsnc enabled either by the nvidia panel or in game... sometimes when a card cant sync properly at 60 it will drop to 30... or is forced to 30 after being a console port.

    if its just for 1 game then it may just be you have 16x fsaa settings maxed if so drop it to x4
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