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My CPU heatsink fan died, and changing fans doesn't help. The motherboard is a Chaintech CT-7ATA with an AMD 550 K series. Next step is to check voltage but then what? I was attempting to update the processor (in my ignorance I bought an incompatible procesessor) and when I went through the BIOS settings and checked the PC Health Status settings, it locked up when I tried to exit out.

So, 1. Chuck the board? 2. Did I corrupt the BIOS? And if so 3. Can I fix it?

Thanks, Steve52
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  1. Take a note of all your BIOS settings and then load the defaults. This may or may not make a difference. It will take the BIOS out of the equation as being the culprit.

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  2. what do you mean the heatsink/fan died?

    the fan doesnt move? or it moves but doesnt show up in BIOS of any health probe???

    changing a processor should not affect the fan anyway. btw what processor did you change to, that it was incompatible...?

    you must have got a cheaper heatsink/fan that has only two leads for voltage, the third one that reports the fan speed should be missing!


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  3. I tried to upgrade a 550 K series to a 900 A series, and the board (according to what I read in the guides posted under AMD) doesn't support the A-serial numbered Athlons. Anyway, the upgrade failed, maybe I blew the chip. The fan started acting strange before the upgrade, because I noticed that the speed varied a lot. After all the changeover it just plain don't work. I changed to an identical fan (3 leads) and zip. The setting in BIOS reads zero fan speed, as well as the VIA monitor. I will tried the BIOS idea in another post but no good. Anyway, with the case off and big fan blowing down through a screen it works fine.
  4. Thanks for the tip, I tried the BIOS idea but nothing. Could be a chip cap somewhere that went south. Anyway, I have a case fan rigged up blowing on the processor and the temp is 86 degrees. WHen I caught it, using the VIA monitor, it was 168 degrees! And still works...
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