Cool free game!

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  1. great game?

    The Ultimate Video Processor:
    GeForceFX + Radeon + Parhelia = "Radeohelia FX"
  2. though not that much of my type.

    The Ultimate Video Processor:
    GeForceFX + Radeon + Parhelia = "Radeohelia FX"
  3. text based games are so old school =)
  4. Zork owned.

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  5. I couldn't stand, or at least get into, zork. It just sucked to have no graphics.

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  6. they're quite mind boggling, which at least makes me think.
  7. it's quite boring though, without any background music to play with it.
  8. *post deleted*
  9. GALL and stop spamming...its getting old...

    Get your own sig!!! :tongue:
  10. -boredband,

    "I'll Take A Quiet Life
    -Handshake to Carbon Monoxide- Th.Yo."
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