Several Problems. Urgent assistance needed!

Problem started when I tried to remove ad rank
spyware, on a help site they said to remove certain
.dll things so I did, and that didn’t help, then they
said scan with panda then download all microsoft
updates. I have zonealarm and accidentally denied
microsoft access to something after the downloads were
loaded and my computer became almost useless, could
only do certain things in safe mode, could not perform
restore at all, so I did a partial recovery and that
seemed to work.
Reinstalled directx 9 and quicktime but nothing else.
But had glitch when trying to reinstall zonealarm
coupled with internet problems which ended up being
providers fault not mine, but ended up doing another
recovery anyway, and having to reinstall directx,
quicktime, and zonealarm.
And everything was fine again until I downloaded xfire
chat program, and then my computer started turning off
by itself and has been ever since for past 3 or 4
weeks, giving me various error messages:

1. A device driver installed on your system caused
the problem; however, we cannot determine the precise

2. A hardware failure reported by your Central
Processing Unit (CPU)
This behavior occurred because your computer processor
detected an unrecoverable hardware error and reported
it to Windows. For more information, contact the
manufacturer of your computer.

3. Realtek AC 97 Audio
Your computer is missing updates that can fix or
prevent the problem you reported.

4. Your system crashed because the random access
memory containing Windows program code was corrupted.
Microsoft is unable to determine if this corruption
was caused by a hardware or software issue. The nature
of the corruption suggests that a hardware issue is
more likely.

5. Something about my NVIDIA, didn’t copy that one

Updating drivers didn’t help, nor did uninstalling
xfire, nor getting all of the windows updates. I put
in new ram 2 months ago, but don’t think that’s the
problem as trouble started month after. Norton
detected no viruses either.
Out of frustration I did yet another partial recovery
and computer still turns off, latest time 7 times
within 2 hours, not only when I am playing games but
just browsing internet, or using other applications.
I have an HP pavillion a320n, 2800+ (2.08 GHz) AMD
Athlon XP Processor, 120 GB Ultra DMA Hard Drive,
NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX graphics with 64MB DDR shared
video memory, Windows XP, old 256 RAM I removed is
Smart Modular CL2.5 333 DDR, 512 MB RAM I replaced it
with is Kingston PC2700 CL2.5 184 Pin DIMM 333 MHz

Would doing a full system recovery work?
I don’t know what other information would be helpful,
Any help would be appreciated greatly.
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  1. Summerize.

    Welcome to my Shed of Pleasure
  2. Summerize? I gave any information that I thought would be useful. I'm here for help.
  3. Well I don't quite fully understand the beginning of the first paragraph, and I have never seen any of those error message texts, ever. That doesn't make it too strange just out of my experience box.
    Just checking, but I see you ran Norton but did you ever run a good spyware check on your machine? If not, or even if you did try <A HREF="" target="_new">Microsofts Anti-Spyware (Beta)</A> to check for any malicious spybots that may (I say may) be causing some of your problems.
    Of course a reinstall will more than likely fix your problem as long as you can validate all your source material.
  4. Uninstall 1 by 1 your last current Hot Fixes from Microsoft.
    I've seen the CPU error before because of a Hot Fix Microsoft had put out back on a Windows 2000 box.

    What OS do you? CPU? Motherboard?

    I would uninstall the Hot Fixes, maybe 2 at a time to reduce time consumption. After a while one of those will probably be causing the problem, then you'll have an idea.

    If you can, uninstall all of your Hot Fixes, then try installing just the Service Packs for whatever OS.

    Then hit Windows Update to pick up any Hot Fixes that might have been missed.

    Now, if this is actually a Server OS, you won't want to put all of your Updates on at once. You're going to get stuck with the tedious routine of restarting after each install.

    You might even want to get your server up and running, make an Image copy (ghost or other software) and then start installing your software, one at a time. If you throw it all together, you'll never know what's causing your problem.
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