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GTA San Andreas on Windows 7

is there anyway to make GTA San Andreas works correctly on win7 ??

I use Windows 7 x64 edition

I have a high ended pc [relatively to the game requirements]

Thx all !! :)
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  1. I was able to run gta san andreas on my windows 7 x64. Is there some kind of error message that pops up when you try and play it?
  2. no messege, it's just didn't start, and i think it was a common problem for those who use windows 7 and gta san andreas, i used to run it perfectly on my windows xp...can u help me find the error ?

    i've tried to use compatibility setting for the game to set on windows xp sp2..and it didn't work

    if it worked for u, can u tell me the version number ? do u use a cracked version or an original copy ?

    for more details..I use a modded version called : GTA SAN ANDREAS EXTREME 2011

    and i think it's version 1.01 EN or EU as i remembered..

    any info u need more ?
  3. ^ Are you using the legit copy ?
  4. no, a cracked version..The game have been released form 8 years man, how can I have one just for now...

    I'm really can't find the reason why it doesn't work..

    I play GTA IV in the highest setting by a 35 fps with a resolution 1280 x 1024

    and I can't run that old one !! just someone give me a reason..
  5. runs fine on my win 7... last time i had it installed anyway...
    just follow the errors, via the error console in controlpanel/admintools/event viewer...
    you will probably find its just direct x or 1 of the vcredists is missing,
  6. You can also try and run Virtual XP to run the game.
  7. no, it didn't run on virtual xp
  8. What about the event logs ? Did you check them ?
  9. Did he admit to having a non-legit copy of the game? if so, you're continuing to help him?

  10. yeah you're right mottamort!
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    I got a legit copy (but that shouldn't make a difference) run the game as administrator and compatibility mode and XP (Service Pack 3) that works for me, it just runs it in the 32bit environment.
    if that still doesnt work then i dont know what will as it worked for me.
    but it may be because the crack you use is incompatible with win7 64bit
  12. Sorry, but we do not provide support for illegitimate copies of games.
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