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hey guys, sorry but this would be my last time I ask help from you guys to see whether the problems can be solved before I totally give up on this board. Okay here is my specs:
MSI K7T266 Pro (R126) (Bios v1.4)
Global Win WBK38
AMD 1.33ghz FSB266 unlocked
Elsa Gladiac Ultra (nvidia 12.90 driver)
256MB kingston PC2100 DDR-Ram CL2.5
Sound Blaster Live!Value
4 big sunon fans

Okay this should be a kick ASS system and I have spent a big amount of money on it but the truth is it isn't a stable system at all.
When I tried to play games, it would jump back to desktop after a while, I didn't tweak my display settings, everything i just left it in normal/default mode and my cpu temp. is in good condition. My sandra memory score is very disappointed - 721
When I tried to overclock it by increasing the multipier, the highiest i could get was 11x (147x), which was quite disappointed since i heard that AHYAJ?? stepping can reach as high as 1.6ghz. And when I increased my FSB by just 1Mhz !! I couldn't load my 3Dmark2001/2000, all my games would jump back to desktop before finishing loading.
I checked everything inside my casing and they were all installed properly.
So what would be the problem ? I have a low quality board ?

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  1. Power supply perhaps...

    "Now drop your weapons or I'll kill him with this deadly jelly baby." :wink:
  2. Erm, what do u mean ?
    Can u make it more clearer ?
    I thought if the power supply couldn't provide enough power my system wouldn't even boot up isn't it ?

    >>>when we are forgotten , we seized to exist<<<
  3. There are PS and there are PS. Big or small, some are dirty and some are clean. When you can start the system doesn't mean that the PS is okay. It has not been stress under full load conditions yet. That is when you PS rating and quality matters. Some PS doesn't provide a good clean dc voltage (dirty).

    2 things. Either your hardware or the software that you loaded. Assuming the hardware is ok. Then its software. Spend some time playing with your system. Do a fresh install of everything that you had loaded. Start with minimum hardware and software and slowly progress. Each time you add something, check it out.

    It don't come easy.......not alwasy.
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