MSI being faulty?

I bought an AMD Athlon 1GHz CPU in Febuary 2001, and I've had problems with it the last two months. I've tried all I can to find our what's wrong, but I haven't found any wrongs just yet.

My problem: My computer 'shuts down' after about 4-5 minutes after I turn it on. Some times, it lasts for days, but most of the time, it shuts down while loading windows. It also happens in the BIOS, so it doesn't have anything to with my OS.

What happens, is that it does a successfull boot from BIOS, and starts loading. After a few minutes, the screen just goes blank (my monitors power light turns yellow). First, I thought it was my Matrox Mill. G400 that was faulty, but I changed it, and the problem lasted still. After I changed *ALL* my other hardware, like my Ethernet card, soundcard, CD-rom, harddrives, RAM and even power supply. Everything that is left, is my Motherboard and my AMD CPU.

My motherboard is a MSI K7T PRO2, and shouldn't have any problems with the CPU (takes 600Mhz up to 1,3Ghz). It's either this motherboard or the AMD CPU.

It's pretty frustrating, because this was expensive for me. I would want to know if this is common, what I should do, and how I can prevent this from happening. Do I need a BIOS update?

Please, I'm desperate.

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  1. I have a K7T-Turbo and I have no problems. I can tell you this much, check a different power supply!! I had a system I was building one time and some days it would work and others I would get so far into boot up and it would just restart on me out of the blue ... it was a costly process to figure out that the power supply was bad! So if you have one laying around, pop it in ...

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  2. I'm having a similar problem, but it's only when I overclock my motherboard. It reboots maybe 10 seconds into its boot when my Cel566 is o/c'ed to 850 on my BE6-II v2.0. The CPU has been running fine for the past year. When I run it at 566/66 it comes up and is stable. In this case, I'm not sure if it's the power supply. I purchased a Pentium III 850 but the motherboard does a two-toned beep for several seconds and hangs on the POST without the ability to go into the BIOS. I'm stuck, not sure what to do...
  3. Of course you need a BIOS update!!! If there is one available, update it! They may at least increase your performance and they always solve bugs, maybe yours. Sometimes, they write exactly what have been solved with the revision in a readme file or in their web site.

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  4. Thanks!

    I'll try it as soon as I get back from work. But - the thing is, it didn't do this before. This is a new something that came up a couple of months back.

    Actually, strangly enough, the first times it did it (it's been increasingly worse for every day that passes), was when I was looking for servers in Counter Strike. :lol:

    So, I just figured I could live with it till I got a new network card. But it didn't make any difference whether I had my network card in or out. So - how can a BIOS update help!?

    But, it's worth a shot. I'm trying a friends Duron today, and I hope that'll make some difference. If it doesn't, it's got to be the motherboard. No doubt about it...
  5. Just a quick idea, I saw this once at a place I worked. When a motherboard overheats (or thinks it overheats) it will shut down the system. Look for some settings in the BIOS about temperature... I guess the danger is that if your system really is overheating you might fry it.
  6. Thanks!

    I've tried all that. I can't really see at what temperature the motherboard currently runs on, but I can see the system and CPU temperature. System lies on 22 degrees centigrade and the CPU runs on around 28 degrees centigrade. That makes 72 and 82 degrees farenheit.

    That's an excellent temperature, if you ask me. I think it'll be fine up to about 40 degrees centigrade (105 degrees farenheit), so I shouldn't have a problem here.. But, I'll try cooling it down some more, to see if that helps. Can put it in my fridge, or something ;)

    Thanks ;)
  7. Yeah, I had that problem too, with me Celeron 300A, when I o/c'ed it up to 450 :) But, that was pretty obvious. :)

    I think this is different. I actually got this motherboard recommended to this CPU, so the whole this is really wierd.

    But thanks, man :)
  8. Thanks!

    I already tried that. Didn't make any difference. I have a 300W power supply from a HX08 housing (AOpen), and I changed it with a standard 250W crap power supply. Did the same think. I'll try lots of stuff today, and I'll let you know for future referance if that was it!
  9. If you change the power supply it should be for one greater than 300 watts to test not a crappy 250 W PS. Also, have you scanned your computer for viruses. Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date. If your not overheating than its either the PS or something in software. If you can't find a virus than format and reinstall Windows.
  10. Thanks!

    300W should be sufficient to run a harddrive, a motherboard
    and a CPU. 250W should be too!

    And it hasn't anything to do with any software, because this happens if I go into the BIOS right after boot. It shuts down after a while, no matter what I do...
  11. If it does it in BIOS then you're right its not software. AMD recomends no less than 300 W for their systems that why I said it shouldn't be 250 W. Probably the PS but did you also make sure you have no IRQ conflicts. I don't think that would make your computer reboot but you never know.
  12. Follow MSI's website instruction to update your BIOS. I have myself an MSI 6380 K7T266 Pro. To upgrade, you can use a software called BIOS Live or something like that. Or you can directly download the BIOS and then you need to boot in native DOS and run the program. My difficulty here is that with Win ME, there is no way I can boot in native DOS!!! Anyone have suggestion here? Hopefully, my dealer already put the earliest driver (v1.44) when selling it to me.

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  13. O h ya! I forgot to tell: your 28 degrees centigrad is probably too low to be true. I suggest you to measure it after having intense computing and then immediately reboot, go to the BIOS and check Temperature.
    Me, I have the same ridiculous low temperature when I boot from cold, but when I reboot, I get 40 degrees Celcius which is good.
    On my MSI board, I have the feature to lock the system if it gets too hot: minimum setting is 70 degrees Celcius, I put it enabled, but I never reached that temperature... I have problems to o/c it as I posted in the O/C CPU section of the forum. If anyone can help!

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  14. Get a boot disk from Win98, and boot it. You must have some friend that has 98 that you can make a boot disk from?

    The thing is that if I update my bios, the machine will probably shut itself down while I do it.

    That can't be healthy!
  15. Thanks!

    Yeah, 28 degrees is too low, I know, but I can't get to use it!!! It doesn't go high enough, you see :) It stops working after a little while...

    I turned off all that had to do with overheating and stuff like that.
  16. Thanks!

    Seriously, do you actually mean that if you have a HD, a CPU and a MB running on a 250W PS, that's not sufficient?!?! I think I could run my entire computer on that stuff, without anything happening.

    It's not IRQ conflicts, because some times the computer boots perfectly and stays there for a few days... That's the weird part, you see.. It's unpredictable..
  17. I work for a computer manufacturer (well they buy the bits and put them together, and we have used this board in our machines, whenever we get this problem (and it has been reported before, we change the psu and that usually cures it..

    No way I`m not gonna sign anything without reading it first....
  18. Thanks!!

    But I already changed it... Maybe I should try a few more? 250W should do the job, right?

    Is MSI a bad card, or am I just very unlucky?

    Thanks again
  19. Yes, I have access to Win 98, but there should be a way to boot with Win ME, no?
    Are you really sure you can't stay enough time to update the BIOS in native DOS?? If not, you're in big trouble because you need a constant power supply and a constant machine... And I think that 300 watts is the very minimum for that kind of machine...

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  20. I thought P/S too.
  21. Hi,
    You know I just had a similar problem with the same mb and a duron 800.
    It finally would not work at all, so I tried all the components in another computer and they all were fine. the only thing that does not work anymore is my k7t pro2-a mb.I have no idea what went wrong. My fic az11 works fine with all the same components. Anyway I am trying to get MSI to exchange it with me directly since Dynasty Express seems to gone out of business.
    I loved this mb too:-( I had it at 1ghz rock solid for like 6 months.
    Maybe your mb is going bad like mine did??
    ps. I have a enermax 431 watt power supply
  22. Sounds like the MB is pretty badly made.. I'll try some more stuff before I turn it in. I <b>_HATE_</b> returning stuff like that, especially the CPU or MB, because I can't use my machine without 'em.

    I have 2*22GB disks + a 40GB disk, + DVD + network card + G400 on my machine. 300W isn't enough? 400W power supplies are expensive. They cost about $100 US.. :(

    I think we have the same problem.

  23. Check out <A HREF="http:// " target="_new">http:// </A>

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  24. Thanks! :))

    I'll order some nasty coolers here too, I guess... Woohoo :)

    Have phun =)
  25. I don't think the mb is badly made, we were just stuck with lemons.
    I never heard of any problems with these mb's.
    We're just Lucky I guess:-)
    As for power supplies I believe a high quality 300 watt one should be good enough. But more power is better.
    I was using a 250 watt power supply for a while with no problems.(came with my fong kai case)
  26. Definitely the CPU. I had 1 AMD 1.333 bad and a k6-2 350MHZ as well, simmilar symptoms. A dealer that sales 60+ machines told me that he hates AMD because of the defect rate and the price free fall.
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