Computer lags in games after a while

si i posted this in over clocking and i had 30 some odd views and no none wanted to reply. so im hoping maybe its cuz it was in the wrong category so i re posted in the right category, which ither way is very childish of 30 people to do. anyyyyyways.

ive got a laptop. gateway nv59 with cor i 5 processor and intel hd graphics and 4 gb ram.

so im excited because ive fianlly got a computer with good specs thinking i can play any game in the world, and i was wrong. everyone tells me its junk and cant game. so i try to prove them wrong, and i go to play roller coaster tycoon 3 . it runs perfect. i start makiong my park and its running great. then after so long of path building and ride placing and creating new scenery, the game lags. lags to the point where moving 2 tiles takes like 5 minutes.

what is with the lag?

also can i really not game on this laptop. like modern warfare 2 or black ops. anything cool?
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  1. your problem is the graphics card which cant be upgraded on a laptop.And you say it runs fine for a few minutes and starts to lag , could be heat problems.
  2. well i suppose upgrade ur gpu drivers, dont set the game graphics on high settings. I suppose its the gpu which has a hard time handling the game, coz i5 and 4gb ram is more than sufficient to run that game, also check your laptop for any malware or spyware infections.
  3. Intel HD graphics are not good enough for gaming, sorry. You can maybe get by on low resolutions and lower quality settings.

    You lag problem sounds more like overheating than anything else.
  4. Agreed Herr, Intel Graphic Cards are mostly just basic, only use for them is like for Excel or Word. They're too slow for gaming purposes.

    Yes, the lag is most surely the Intel card overheating & trying to process all that data.
    The only solution would be to get another Laptop which has a better graphic card ( go for one with nVidia or Ati in it, & at least 512 MB to 1GB ). The balance specs of ur laptop is good enough, Intel i5 processor, 4GB Ram, it's only the graphic card ( which in laptops is not upgradable )
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