Hi does anyone know if an AOpen AX64Pro can handle an 800 or 900 Mhz Pentium !!! chip? Need an urgent reply. Thanks.
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  1. Check the CPU <A HREF="" target="_new">Compatibility table</A> which says it will.

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  2. THanks but ive already checked that and otehr sources that also say that its compatible with a 733mhz, (which is not the case in the table max = 600mhz). So, would it be safe to just put it in and see if it works?
  3. The table says it will go to 933 (look further down). The 600 is only because they didn't make "B" any faster. Go for it.

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  4. Generally speaking, the 133FSB processors outperform the 100FSB processors by a large margin. I suggest the 933 or 1GHz chip. Don't worry about multipliers, they are internall. If you would like to save some money by overclocking, I recommend the 700E, as it has the same multiplier as the 933 and overclock to 933 quite easily.

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  5. thanks. theres one thing i dont understand. Whats the diff btw 100mhz and 133 mhz fsb, besides the speed? I mean, how do they affect overclocking? And what does the E in front of the 700E mean? would that chip be compatible with my m/b? would a 133mhz chip be compatible too?
  6. The "E" processors are Coppermines. "B" designates 133MHz FSB. So the 700E is 7x100, whereas the 733EB is 5.5x133. The EB processors by using 133FSB allow faster tranfers on the CPU and Memory bus. BUT they can't be overclocked as easily.
    The second thing to remember about Coppermines is that they generally overclock to about 980MHz. Some go higher, most won't go very much higher. Which rules out the 750E, because making that one run a 133MHz FSB would force it to 1GHz, which has about a 50% failure rate.
    The next processor down is the 700. When forced to 133FSB, it will go 933MHz, making it the same as the 933EB. So it is the best choice for overclocking. This is why it also cost a few bucks more than the the 750. It is more popular.
    Your motherboard supports bus speeds up to 150MHz. At 133, your PCI, AGP, and PC133 memory will run at stock speeds, with only the processor being overclocked. This works very well for most systems. If you want a little more, the 700 will do 980 at a 140MHz bus speed.
    I recommend the 700E FC-PGA on an Abit Slotket III. Both are available at The Slotket III has onboard voltage controll, which will allow you to raise the core voltage for stability. The 700E is stock at either 1.65v or 1.70v. Stability at 933MHz can be achieved with a core voltage of around 1.75v, give or take .05v.

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  7. oh ok Im beginning to understand now. So a CPU w.o an 'E' or 'b" is just a normal 100mhz cpu right? And you were saying that x50mhz cpus dont overclock as well as x00mhz cpus right? I have a P3 450mhz cpu at the moment, so i guess its neither a coppermine nor does it run at 133mhz. I checked the settings and its at 4.5 x 100. If i were to overclock it, which would be better to increase? the multiplier of the speed? And how would i know how to feed it the necessary voltage?
  8. The E without the B is a coppermine at 100. The EB is a coppermine at 133. Without the E or the B, your processor is based on the older Katmai core, which had twice the cache running at half the speed of the Coppermine. You can overclock your processor to make a 600B out of it (the 600B was the fastest Katmai), simply by raising your bus speed to 133 and your core voltage to around 2.2v. The problem here is that you most likely cannot change the core voltage on your particular motherboard in BIOS. There is an old timer trick to raise the core voltage by covering certain contacts on the CPU with tape. Unfortunately, I don't know it, but some guys in here do. You'll have to either look for that trick or ask around.
    That is why I recommend the Socket type CPU with an Abit Slotket III-the Slotket III has voltage control jumpers on it!

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  9. I guess I'm going to have to resort to the damsel in distress...Help me I'm stupid...ASAP approach in this forum to get some help!!!!

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