6 Questions about STALKER MAIN STORY ! Intresting !

Hi guys i have fiished all series of Stalker game & i now the Main Story , about Group of stalkers , wishgranter , brain sorchers , factions & ...

But i wanna Know more about Earlier Story of Strelok

1.why Clearsky wants to kill Strelok ( by scar ) ?

2.who brain washes Monoliths & strelok & any other guy ? brain sorcher or Emmisions or a Guy ?

3.why before brainwashing , Strelok is Monoliths friend but after that ( in shadows of Chernobyl ) he is an enemy of Monolith faction ?

4.Was strelok a bad guy before Losing his memory by brainwashing & death truck accident ?

5.Why Strelok programed to kill him self ? accidentaly ? & why no one remembers Strelok In STALKER SOC ( why no one can recognize him ) ?

6.Are Monoliths brainwashed Soldiers ? so why they havent turned to Zombies just like Soldiers in YANTAR ?

I tought so much about its Story . Strelok had its group & wanted to Reach to the Center of the Zone but CLEARSKY ( for unknown reason ) tries to stop him by veteran Named SCAR ! scar Almost Kill Strelok & then ( how ) he ( strelok )Appears in a room with other Death guys While he is Being Brainwashed ! & in 2012 ( one year after ClearSKy ) . they found him & bring him back with the Death truck ! He comes Out , lost his memory , goes to the Center of the Zone ( Monolith attacks him for no reason , they were his Friends in Clearsky) . he returns for help in Callofpripyat & he should Be Player of STALKER 2 Eyeing ( fourth Series ) too !!!

I dont Know what is Emission ? where is it Coming from ? is it fire or what ? what makes it ? a guy or an Broken Devices in the NPP ?

Its interesting that how emission Made 2 BRAIN SORCHERS ! & many anamolies ? did it realy happen in 2006 ( in real Life ) ?

Very Nice & confusing Game !
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  1. Hey ? no one there ? Some o ne PLEASE answer me .

    Where should i ask this then ?
  2. this prolly is fanfiction, and there might not be a single version of these things.
    try google...
  3. There's a pretty decent rundown at the GameWiki page, but there's also a forum on the official S.T.A.L.K.E.R. webpage you might check out....might get some more specific answers there. :)
  4. Also I recently found out the game is based on a universe created by an author which was later adapted into a movie (called "stalker"...). altho since the book was written BEFORE the FIRST chernobyl accident it was kind of seen as a prediction...

    just something interesting i heard :)
  5. Ya Everything about Stalker is Intresting , i googeled a lot & , read everything about it , all my Questions Solved but 2 of them . i cant find them any where . i tried everything .

    1.Why Clearsky Faction & SCAR ( STalker clearsky Player ) Wants to Kill Strelok in STALKEr CS ?

    2.Monolith faction is Brainwashed & Enemy With Any one , so why they help Strelok in the End of Stalker CS ?

    Where i can ask these Questions ?
  6. I wondered . its just me that is too CURIOUS about Stalker REAL Story ? is it Just me that played Stalker ?

    SO why there is no one in this whole site to answer my Questions ?

    i think i asked in the RIght Place . its Video games Part .

    But i dont blame you , Few people try to GO so far & Pull out everything from Very Complex Stroies .
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