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Why are they calling COD Black Ops the Fail Ops? Im planning to buy one, eh?

Why is it? I thought this the game of the year ow whatever...
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  1. it is really not as good as mw2 and imo all the cod games are the same. you just run up shoot people and die
  2. Because most "Hardcore" cod fans say that MW2 is so much better when in actuality it's pretty much the exact same. I would recommend just getting Counter Strike Source or Team Fortress 2... or both. Now those are amazing games.
  3. I won't buy Black Ops. I got MW2 for $27 bucks and it wasn't worth that. SP is way too short. The "extra" games ( spec ops ) inside MW2.......... you need another player to complete a couple of them ( SP needing CO-OP ) ........ are you kidding me ? and they both happen top be the ones where you get to fly and shoot stuff up. These games are shoving SP'er fans out the door for a replacement of really crappy, un-monitored, un even online game play. up yours Activision if that's who still makes it.
    I'm going through a span of game playing again. Just finished COD2. Plays for a long time, no internet needed and you can map and mod for it.
  4. mw2 blew.. black ops probably blows... most fps these days are horrible, but good for teenagers/kids or if all you want is to mindlessly shoot and see explosions. Very boring imo though

    Like skulltac said, I still prefer CSS over just about any current FPS, it may not have fancy graphics but its fun as hell.
  5. ask yourself this..
    if you can run around in black ops and see things a little bit better, you dont bump into things or get stuck on the map ever, but everytime you are in a gunfight - you either kill the other person with one bullet ... or your bullets dont register and you get abused.
    there is a time when the bullets work like they are supposed to.
    i dont want to hear any 'well if you kill them with one bullet .. they should be able to make your bullets stop registering'
    because it isnt any fun killing the enemy with one bullet.
    it is very stupid actually.
    you dont know if you are going to kill the enemy with one bullet or six bullets.
    and that means you are either wasting bullets when you kill the enemy from one bullet
    you are letting go of the trigger early.

    walking around on the map all by yourself seems to be fine, except the frames per second are at an unheard of low.
    there are not that many wires in the game
    there are not that many pixels in the textures

    no excuse for the game to be running that bad.
    the only thing left for us to conclude is:
    1. the game is slow because the number of colors is higher than usually allowed
    2. the game isnt programmed and organized

    could be a case where, simply because the programming sentences exist and there isnt a crash ... that doesnt mean you couldnt pick a better sentence for each line of programming.

    math is pretty simple some.
    you can translate math equations into words.
    and calculus is the fastest method of variable interaction.
    (adding and subtracting are like an integer inside a box of calculus)

    you could go on and on about something like this:
    i have a thing with wheels
    i have a thing that will take me places
    i have a thing that will go up hills
    i have a thing that makes it easier than walking

    and you could go on and on saying this until you are lucky enough to create a calculus equation.
    you could also simply say 'i have a vehicle' or 'i have a car'
    if you say that, you wont have an equation anymore - you have a mathematical problem , perhaps a variable in a much larger problem (not to be confused with much larger equation)

    equations are long and rhetorical
    problems are explicitly short and simply exist
    if you open up a problem.. you will see an equation, but if you leave it alone while it is simply sitting there and everybody is confused .. that moment is like calculus.

    calculus is kinda like your body while you are wearing headphones.
    you can listen to the audio and use your hands for one thing - and even your feet for another thing.
    and if you can do all of that while spinning in a chair ... good - you are multitasking and doing many things at once.

    compare some of that crap with mw2 and instead of killing people with one bullet.. they usually die with three bullets - but sometimes two.
    absolutely no fun to bring a person down that fast.
    there is problems with your bullets not registering.. but the recovery time is much slower in mw2 than black ops.
    if you can somehow manage to dodge being dead from one bullet - then you can get your bullets to start working again.
    but dodging the one bullet is impossible.

    mw2 ... if your bullets arent registering for the first half of the gunfight .. it could go on and off for the entire round - and sometimes even for the entire hour you are playing with different hosts.

    i think if you pay close enough attention..
    black ops gunfights will make you vomit before mw2 gunfights will.
    there is problems in mw2 that i can complain about every single time i play the game.
    not all of those problems are in the gunfight.
    black ops has like all of its problems in the gunfight.
    so if you like walking around and twiddling your thumbs.. and then getting shot with one bullet (or your bullets shut off and you are dead in two bullets)
    black ops is the game for your taste here.

    if you like better aim and less problems with the bullet registration, but other problems with getting caught on all sorts of different things (like walls moving 5 inches to grab your shoulder)
    than this pile of trash would be your 'morbid' fantasy.

    i seen a bunch of people talking about team fortress 2
    so i went to the youtube website and had a look at some videos.
    the game looked decent, and it appeared it could be a lot worse.
    well.. i installed it and began playing and found the gameplay to be boring in both uses of the term.

    boring 1. slow and dull
    boring 2. fast paced and exciting

    what was the major impact seperating those two definitions?
    a whole slew of being lonely or bumping into another team player that was doing a whole lot of nothing.

    it felt like i was smearing a bloody nose on the wall as i rubbed my cheek along the surface of the wall to excite my sensuality.

    and then when i did find somebody from the enemy team .. the guns were not any fun, the gunfights didnt last long enough, the movement speed was a bit too fast, and did i mention the huge voids between gunfights?
    nothing like going silent for 2 minutes and then going around a corner and you are dead in 1/5th of a second because there are two sentry guns hiding without making a single sound.

    i learned in one hour.. that game has lots of advantages to use the map to your advantage.
    if you are stuck entering the room from one hallway, all you have to do is enter the room from the other hallway.

    i cannot believe people paid $50 - $40 for this video game
    they talked about it on and on for like two years

    i have had more fun playing bejeweled on yahoo.
    and i dont actually enjoy those games.

    too long - dont read?
    mw2 gunfights ease the pain from black ops gunfights (but there are sometimes other problems that kinda add up to the same frustration ... at least those problems dont arise as often)
    mw2 gives you some time to breathe and relax before it makes you angry again.
    black ops keeps you angry because the interaction between players is pathetic.
    and i mean pathetic almost to the point where it shouldnt be released to the public, because the abuse is too high.

    maybe these game studios think.. it isnt grade A
    i think it is a really good B+ or A-
    so they put up all of these avertisements to promote the game.
    and then..
    a bunch of people who already have problems going on in their life, we pop the game in and see MORE problems going on in our life.
    this cannot be expressed enough by me alone.

    imagine your mother or father died, and you go out to buy a video game to help you get over it.
    you throw the game in and you are being abused by more 'life problems' when the game lets you shoot the bullets , but they vanish into thin air.
    first of all .. you are feeling like a loser because your score is low.
    you might start to think about the bullets 'going to heaven' or something like that, and combine that with your recently dead parent 'going to heaven' or however you say vanishing into thin air.

    then you feel stupid.
    and you know the game is stupid.
    and then you know the game publisher was stupid for letting the game get printed onto the disc before it was fixed.
    and then some time goes by and the company doesnt do anything to fix it - making you feel stupid some more because nobody got together to sue the game developers for class action.

    there are plenty more details to add, as it spirals down into depression more for this example - as well as dozens of other examples.

    in a first person shooter game .. i think i would rather be complaining about something other than my bullets not working.
    video games have been here for a very long time now.
    there is no excuse to see people doing it wrong (to say the least)
    there is no excuse for the government to not step in and let their brainiac math nerds fix the math .. make it a preset so everybody can use it because it was stupid hard the first time .. and then the whole world can ease up off of the fabric and enjoy the shirt design.

    i mean speaking of a shirt..
    just how many times do we have to break down, become nimble, and worship with thanks?
    is it the fabric itself?
    is it the way the fabric was woven?
    is it the color used on the fabric?
    is it the design on the shirt?
    is it the stain-proof ability?
    is it the lack of shrinking?
    lack of stretching?

    did you make it hard and forget how hard it actually is/was ?
    or do the rest of us honor roll students get to relax because it was something simply overlooked ??
  6. wow! now thats a post
  7. IMO Its buggy, a quick mock up to make a quick buck before MW3.
    "Call of Duty" has a name now where they can make a really poor quality game and still sell out, so now they sell because people are now too afraid to "miss out".
    They've used the same game engine for the last couple of games, the only thing to change is the storyline.
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    Yea, fail ops is buggy, lots of getting shot around corners, lots of spawning under helicopters to be killed over and over again...

    My real issue with it though is the series has not changed since COD4. So I won't be buying another COD...
  9. Thread has been closed due to the attacks across the board on users....

    To be honest, I think Black Ops is better than MW2, since it has dedicated servers like COD 4. I wasn't a fan of MW2's format with online play. I agree with the comments that not enough has changed since COD4, which is still the best version out.. IMO
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