Well I must be really stupid or something but im having mayor problems with my new system... Well system?? I aint that far yet.. I installed my A7A266 motherboard in my computer (with the processor and fan on it of course).. I got an 1,2 Ghz Athlon fsb 266.. Now i install the connectors and the ram, all is fine, I do a boot to see if im doing it right... And it work!! woohoo, at least I thought. I just turns on the fans and doesnt make sounds that the videocard is missing (problem 1)... Then I install my AGP card, I insert it in the slot and start PC, BUT it doesnt start... the fan is getting power cuz it turns a couple of time but then it freezes... I must be dumb or so, but what am i doing wrong????

ps. I've heard some rumours of transport connectors, but cant find them...

PLZ help me

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  1. vid card not seated properly?

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  2. Uuuh I dont think so.... I looked up your suggestion, found out i have an AGP/AGP pro slor (what the hell is difference?) In my slot there is an little white piece, which is said to be used for cards that dont have an notch on them, well mine has, do I need to remove it then???

    PLz help again, thnx
  3. I dond't have your MB, But I know some revs of my abit boards will shut-off in 3-seconds, IF there is NO fan
    plugged into fan header #1.

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  4. As you must have read the first time, my fan is working!! its just the rest that isnt :(
  5. I guess what I was trying to say is, that I always make sure the fan is plugged in to "Fan Header #1" opposed
    to header #2, or the 12v 4-pin connector. Your M/B may not even care…but it's good habit.

    Could be your Power supply is insufficient….You didn't say what you have though…Is it an ATX PSU & case??
    Is it rated 300W+

    You didn't say what ram you're using. Is it seated properly…can be misleading

    Could be you didn't get the M/B installed properly….shorting out…?

    "the fan is getting power cuz it turns a couple times then it freezes"

    ….So it's getting shut off by the M/B because something is wrong. (Like no fan detected in header #1)
    Does the power LED come on at all? And did you plug the case PWR-on/LEDs in to the M/B?

    Did you seat the HSF on the CPU properly? has to be done properly or the CPU is toast in under 5 seconds.

    Lowerd the CPU socket arm all the way...?? for thought. Good luck

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  6. i bet his vid card isnt seated properly with the clip....but, if his bios is set for "pci video first", rather than agp maybe thats it? would that matter do you think?

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  7. Memory, CPU must be seated properly. Must use at least 300W power supply. Must have power switch hooked up properly. Must NOT have extra mounting post under motherboard contacting circuites.

    Video killed my Radio Card!
  8. Quote:
    ?) In my slot there is an little white piece, which is said to be used for cards that dont have an notch on them, well mine has, do I need to remove it then???

    only remove this if you're using an AGP Pro card.

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  9. Well I can give the info about my system:
    Im using:
    Asus A7A266
    AMD athlon 1.2Ghz 133
    512 MB Unique pc 133
    pixelview 64MB geforce 2 mx

    I installed the CPU and the fan correctly, also my card is ok... But If read your reacyion and think its my ATX case.. Its just a 230W... Maybe thats it.... Well Ill double check it all or in my case ill double check it for theixth time.. Anyway thnx all... Plz keep giving reaction maybe one of them will work
  10. OMG!!! 230W?????

    Yikes - it's a wonder it even burps once! As Scotty would say, "I need that power!"

    Go for at least 300, if not 350 (as long as you're going to buy one anyway)

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  11. Hehehe, too late... I already bought the 230W... but if your reaction is that heavy im think of returning it and getting 300W... Also talked to some other ppl that say that 230W must work... They think its the CPU cuz it doesnt make any noise on start up
  12. Hey jlanka, did I say that..Cool, gives me a new idea for a sig! thanx.hehe.
    I have a 300w and its good, but I'm planning on some major HDdrives and an overclock. Anyway, i'm about to get myself a 430w or 550w enermax just to make sure I have enough juice to fry that cpu/ mb properly...
  13. It worked OK without the vid card. But when you added the power hungry GeForce it stopped working. Short of the vid card not being seated right it still sounds like a power problem to me.

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  14. 230W is not enough. 300W would be the bare minimum with your configuration.


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  15. WOOOHOOOO!!!!

    As you are reading this im writing it from a working system , wanna know what problem was?? It was the motherboard... I replaced it with a MSI board and its running better then i could have hoped!!


  16. What is the brand of your power supply? It can matter: even if it is a 230 Watt, it may offer less amper than normal which could be worser!
    Anyway, I'm sure you don't even care about that as your system works!
    Enjoy! ;-)

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  17. Cool...glad ur system is runnin....however, it's interesting that you replaced M/B before the PSU...230W PSU
    is probably going to be problem for you down the road
    anyway and it's a cheaper fix than a new M/B.
    But, happy computing and thanx for letting us know it worked out.

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  18. Congrats. I'm guessing here, but it would be cool to see if the original board would work with a 300 PSU. Sounds like we're beating a dead horse here, huh?

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  19. This almost confirms to me an earlier suspision I had that the A7A board, takes quite a lot of power. Since quite a few people have had power porblems with their A7A boards (although my problem turned out to be something of a very different nature!), and now we have someone with a power supply that in most circumstances SHOULDN'T work and doesn't with the A7A, but does with an MSI board!

    Does anyone know of anywhere, where we mihgt be able to get a list of mobo power rquirements?

    Topher Bear

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