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I have had this computer for just over a year and it has worked great until recently. I've tried running very few applications at once, I've tried various browsers, and each day it seems to get slower and slower. When I go to the task mgr and check on the Resource Monitor, the CPU / Mem usage is rediculously high even when no applications are open. The top 4 include explorer.exe (37,000) dwm.exe(36,000), svchost.exe (29,000), and javaw.exe (24,000). What is the problem/what is sucking up the memory and how can I fix it?
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  1. Those memory usages are pretty much what one would expect. As long as you have 2GB or more of RAM I wouldn't say that your problem is memory related. Which programs are using the most CPU, and what sort of percentages are they using?
  2. Run a spyware/virus scan on the system. Make sure you don't have several anti-virus clients running the same time, I've seen people that run 2 or 3 anti-virus programs at once.
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