Onboard DVI-Out?

I have a Asus CUSL2-M it has built in video...in the manual it say something about a DVI/TV OUT. I have found where the plug on the motherboard is but I have not found a vendor that sells an adapter. Is there one that anyone knows of?

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  1. Why not use an AGP card? Most people do! There is so little interest in the onboard video, few if any venders carry accesories for it. You can get a Radeon LE TVO or a GeForce2 MX for cheap that has video out.

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  2. why spend one when you have one already? even Intel D815EEA2 had a DV out, but no cables.

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  3. I am trying to save money because I will be building hundreds of these...they are register for stores.

    I don't mind buying a 3d card but I have not been able to find one that will fit in a micro atx case with DVI-out.

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  4. Actually, this interface is to connect either a LCD or TV out kit. You can apply either module to bring that type connector to the rear panel. Please advise which kit you are looking for and in what quantities and we can give you a quote.

    By the way, the LCD quality is respectable. We actually sell a huge amount of these systems using the 815E chipset for video, but I will mention that we ship them in regular Mid-Tower (In-Win S500) cases with Enermax power supplies.

    That way we can put the extra USB and COM2 in the first two slots (where there are no board slots). In your case, we would stick the LCD connector (or TV out) in the slot used by the AGP card. Oh, and you can drop in a 4MB AIMM module if you want and still have room for the TV or LCD modules.


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  5. My mistake, I was thinking TV-out and 1 system. The cheapest DVI AGP cards I can find are $18 each. YOu might find a DVI connector for the onboard graphics cheaper.

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