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The machine
abit kt7a raid
athlon 1.2 266
768 Megs Cas 2 Crucial Memory
3 20 gig hd - 20 gig C drive - 40 gig E drive (raid)
matrox G450 dual head
creative ensoniq pci
lite on 12x CR-R
Windows 2000

When I run the memory benchmark on the machine the results show that it is running below par with at 1G athlon KT 133, 256 MB machine. Why?
My next confusion is why does the Sandra system summary tell me "PCI bus speed is too high. Reduce FSB speed or FSB/PCI multiplier" It is currently set at 133/44.
Any tips for tuneing this puppy up would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  1. 33MHz is the normal speed for your PCI devices. That probably causes a lot of problems. Read Tom's BIOS tuning guide, and fix up your BIOS. Remember though, that you have to turn on 4-way DRAM Interleave in two places. That'll through you off a bit.

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    The Bios is set to 133/33 CPU/PCI Clock
    Further info
    9X multiplier
    0 CPU FSB Plus
    All of these setting are greyed out when 1.2/266 is selected.

    When it hits the fan, it make a mess.
  3. Some versions of Sandra had problems with the Via KT133A chipset and misreported PCI and AGP speeds. I think there was a plug in file available or you could just download the latest version.

    As for slow memory benchmarks, make sure you have both 4-way interleave and 4K page mode enabled.
  4. Update your Sandra software!
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